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Thread: "Long Way Round" begins filming on Bravo

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    "Long Way Round" begins filming on Bravo



    BURBANK, Calif. -– March 8, 2004 –- Actors and friends Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman will star in and co-produce a new Bravo series chronicling their four-month transcontinental journey by motorcycle, "Long Way Round," it was announced today by Jeff Gaspin, President, Bravo. The series will air later this year.

    Six one-hour episodes have been ordered of this first person account detailing the events of their upcoming transcontinental motorcycle ride.

    "We are thrilled about the opportunity to be a part of Ewan and Charley's upcoming adventure," said Gaspin. "`Long Way Round' will offer viewers a unique point of view of the world through the eyes and voices of these two talented and daring individuals. It's a perfect fit for Bravo."

    "We live in such a comfortable and easy time that it doesn't do yourself any harm to go and test yourselves and survive with just the bare essentials," said McGregor. "This is something that I've always wanted to do, it's a challenge."

    Currently training in the UK for this event, McGregor and Boorman will begin their journey in late April starting in London. The pair plans to arrive at their final destination of New York City, by the end of July. This journey will be made by motorbike, with one train, plane and boat to get them across the seas. Both men will undergo training in a variety of areas including nutrition, self-defense, first aid, off road skills, bike maintenance, basic foreign language and cultural awareness skills and hostile environment training from former UK Special Forces Soldiers.

    "Long Way Round" will show the actors in a way the audience has never seen them before, utterly left to their own devices and foregoing their more comfortable lifestyle. Their journey is will take them over 20,000 miles, circumnavigating the longest continuous landmass on earth through the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Siberia, Alaska and Canada before arriving in the Untied States. Undoubtedly, they will encounter hardships along the way, including cultural and language barriers as they pitch tent and attempt to live off the land. The journey is not only a test of their endurance, but a cultural lesson too as they will take part in a range of activities native to the lands they traverse.

    McGregor is best known for his movie roles in "Moulin Rouge," "Trainspotting", the "Star Wars" trilogy and more recently starred in the Golden Globe nominated film "Big Fish." Boorman, the son of famed director John Boorman ("Hope and Glory," "Deliverance"), is also a movie veteran with a multitude of screen credits including "Deliverance," "Excalibur," "The Serpent's Kiss," "The Emerald Forest" and many more. The two actors met eight years ago on the set of "Serpent's Kiss," where they discovered their mutual passion for motorcycles and kick-started an enduring friendship.

    "Long Way Round" is produced by David Alexanian of Santa Monica based Elixir Films and Russ Malkin of London based Image Wizard TV.

    Bravo, an NBC Cable Network since December 2002, is currently seen in 75 million homes and was the first service dedicated to film and the performing arts when it launched in December 1980. Today, Bravo offers innovative arts and entertainment programming with a unique point of view featuring original series, feature films (both independent and mainstream), theater, dance, music and documentaries. Bravo boasts critically-acclaimed original programming -- including "Inside the Actors Studio" hosted by James Lipton, Emmy Award-winning "Cirque du Soleil Fire Within," and the hit series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and "Celebrity Poker Showdown." For more information visit www.bravotv.com.

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    Wow, did nobody watch this thing? I think it aired last fall ('04) on U.S. TV, and I just got finished watching it this week on Canadian TV.

    What a great series. It was only 6 episodes and I was so sad when it was over. Television needs more shows like this.

    I believe they've released a 7-hour DVD and are in the process of releasing a 10-hour DVD which I can't wait to see. Since they were gone for 3 months, they have tons of footage.

    Anyway, Charley Boorman is entered in this year's Dakar Rally which takes place over the first 2 weeks of January. Anybody know if they televise that thing?

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    I watched it. It was amazing, seeing the reactions of people in the farthest reaches of the world to them. Crossing that raging, river in Siberia, the spontaneous celebrations that would occur as they come into a tiny village in the China or where ever. The final leg of the tour with Ewan's dad left me a little verklempt.
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    I watched it too! I was totally obsessed with it. I keep meaning to buy the book, which has both Ewan's and Charley's journals of the trip, along with pictures and other good stuff.... maybe for Christmas

    I still laugh thinking about the two of them at the home of that "electronics salesman" in (was it) Kazakhstan when the guy came down the stairs playing a guitar with a Kalashnikov rifle slung across his back! They were sure they were going to be "whacked." The looks on Ewan's face through that whole episode had me

    My other favorite part was the growing "bug bite" on Ewan's forehead. Remember how it kept getting bigger and bigger in his confessionals, until the bridge of his nose was swollen? It was so bad it was funny. And then Charley's remark about Ewan's "lump" blocking his light!

    I don't think the show got nearly as much publicity as it deserved.
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