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Thread: Extreme Makeover:Home Edition Costa Mesa Pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkutz
    Ok my question for this show is, do they trow all your stuff out? Or put it in storage or what? I never see anyone stuff back in the house. Nothing in the garage, etc. What about valuables? Complete strangers going through all your stuff while your not around?

    Anyone know how this really works??
    They put it in a storage for the homeowners. They move stuff on Day 1. Notice how they always tear down the house on Day 2 (NOT day 1).

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    I am in Aliso Viejo. I watched the show as well. I wanted the family to have all girls.
    Let us know when Deirdre has the babies if you find out please.
    By the way, their little boy's name is Rory McCrory?

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    link doesn't work

    Quote Originally Posted by wiredinoc
    And a link to the local news story... http://www2.ocregister.com/ocrweb/oc...le.do?id=81637
    Tried to click on this and its for registered useers only.

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