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Thread: In A Fix

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    Yeah..I saw the one where he had the new jeans!! It was hilarious how they were all over him about'm.
    But, I don't think they burned his jeans.. The only time I remember them burning anything was his stinky, sleeveless shirt that he always wore. They burned it cause everyone was smelling him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinker350
    its my first time here, and i agree, James is funny, talented, and I love his accent. I think Jenny is cool too. the fact that she has a nice figure and really does a good job on an assortment of tasks, only shows that one can be sexy and good at a non-traditional job.
    to FoRT, tinker

    I always love it when the In A Fix thread gets posts In fact, it was my search for a good non-juvenile forum to share comments about IAF that brought me to FoRT in the first place. I hope you like it here.

    I love James too, I like his little-boy prankishness and party attitude. I also like Sparky, especially after seeing the episode where they did his home, he was sooooo sweet and adorable. Jenny's probably my least favorite, because she whines a bit too much for my comfort, but she doesn't bother me enough to spoil my total enjoyment of IAF.
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