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Thread: In A Fix

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    I'm not a Lesbian. lol I'm also not a guy. But I DO love this show. The wacky, whacked out chemistry between the crew is what makes it so entertaining (and this IS an entertainment show...isn't it? lol)

    I don't pay attention to what the women wear. What keeps me watching is the exuberance, the sheer fun they all seem to have. I also enjoy the show's concept: take a project that the deadbeat spouse has failed to complete, bring in a design/construction team, and finish the thing off in three or four days. Great fun to watch!

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    I was too busy looking at James to notice the women.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lisasmall
    Even lesbian women, I'm sure, fail to be amused by the way the female cast members are served up like cupcake racks instead of human beings.

    But this show isn't for women, though women are the big demographic for home repair. This show is clearly meant to enhance the male demo.
    Wow... I couldn't disagree more.

    While women are certainly in the minority on this show, I think it's a fun show that shows a normal, healthy, realistic portrayal of the male/female relationship in that kind of environment. I don't see the women as being belittled and the guys demeaning, more that they're treated as one of the guys, which is perfectly fine.

    Love love love the show for it's sense of humor. I love seeing the guys make mistakes and rag on each other and just have a great time. In one of this weekend's shows the homeowner was apparently in an ongoing water balloon fight with the neighborhood boys. The entire crew got together to ambush the boys (and each other) from the roof, behind bushes, etc. They had me rolling.

    Count me in as one non-lesbian woman that is definitely not alienated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I couldn't disagree more, lisasmall. My wife thoroughly enjoys IAF as much as I do, and it's because of the transformation on the homes and the enjoyable time the crew has doing it, and not because of hooters or beefcake.

    And if you'll read through this thread, I'm sure you'll find more people drooling over Sparky, James, and Justin than you will those drooling over Nani and Jennie.

    ...not to mention they actually explain what they are doing. I do miss the Tool of the Day bit they used to do...

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    I love In A Fix!

    I'm another non-lesbian, non-man person who LOVES in a fix! I couldn't disagree more with Lisasmall! It's a great show. There are a lot of laughs and some sensible design. Trading Spaces has gone "off the beaten" path lately with some of their designs, so I appreciate watching In A Fix for the room designs. It's also amazing some of the things they pull of in three days. It's even a bit instructional! I watched one of the early episodes last nite (the tiki bar) with my husband. He was amazed that Jennie not only looked good, but actually worked as well! If anything, she shows that we can do it too! Besides, while he is watching her, I can drool over the boys!!

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    Liked Nani's Japanese makeover. Very well thought out design, a little plain in my book but very well planned. Greg is so negative. Thank God the others balance him out. Jennie is slightly negative too. The true gems are Sparky and JAMES

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    The most recent episode, with the mother/daughter combo whose sister went away to the spa, was another HORRIBLE Deborah design. I really dislike her designs, she lacks creativity. And she loves to have her mosaic-artist friends come over to "do something special" that looks like every other mosaic art piece she does on the show.

    Whenever Deborah shows up, I can reliably predict: something will be brown. Something will be glass and not work out well. They'll only work on one room, and it will take 3 days. And so on...

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    I have to agree John, she has the worst taste of the three, but I still have some designs I want to try with her
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    Quote Originally Posted by lisasmall
    .... Even lesbian women, I'm sure, fail to be amused by the way the female cast members are served up like cupcake racks instead of human beings....
    Why would you even bring up "lesbian women" into your personal viewpoint? Being of sound mind and lesbianism, I'm actually more offended that you'd wrap lesbians into your negative thoughts and ideas of a show that I personal advocate and love.
    I've failed to be amused by your attempt to "rally the troops" into hating a show because they have women working, doing construction projects and basically working just as hard as the men.

    If there are indiscriminate camera views that happen on the show, you're the one noticing it more than anyone else, ok..well, maybe the only one pissed off about it.

    /just my opinion
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    I like watching the show. I just added on to my house and got great ideas from the show, but i just don't have anyone in this area to work the magic that the "In A Fix" team does. How far will they travel?

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