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Thread: Food Network shows

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    I can't believe I didn't see this topic sooner! I love food/cooking shows! I'm not sure if my favorites are on the Food Network or not - I just don't pay attention to what channel I'm on.

    I'm with you, Nemeses, I love watching those shows about how different candies are made!

    I used to have a major obsession with Iron Chef. Now I catch it when I can. I still can't handle any of the battles where they start with live animals - The Octopus Battle?

    I'll admit to a bit of a crush on Bobby Flay. Jamie Oliver is hot too...although, sadly, not actually naked I love watching Nigella Bites (can't remember what network she's on) - that show is just a food orgy. Truth be told, I've got a little crush on Nigella too - she's a hot tomato

    Even though Gordon Ramsay does nothing but curse through the whole show, I somehow can't stop watching his shows on BBCAmerica: Beyond Boiling Point, Ramsay's Boiling Point (which is apparently quite low ) and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Those shows tend to focus more on the running of a restaurant/kitchen.

    Also, I'm still mourning the end of Two Fat Ladies
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    I like watching Food Network Saturday afternoons. Then I attempt to cook what I've learned. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I really like Everday Italian, Paula's Home Cooking, and Barefoot Contessa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charstar813
    I like watching Food Network Saturday afternoons. Then I attempt to cook what I've learned... I really like... Barefoot Contessa.
    I also like to watch Food Network on Saturday afternoons. It's kind of relaxing, but I'd never really try to make anything they did on TV (unless it was terribly easy). I watch "Barefoot Contessa" most times its on..she seems to make a lot heavy stuff..heavy cream, lots of butter, chocolate..all in all its good food..I did ONCE see her make something healthy..it was grilled tuna with mango salsa

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    Hopelessly hooked on "Good Eats" here. I love Alton Brown and the way even when you don't care what he's cooking, you still learn interesting stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Hopelessly hooked on "Good Eats" here. I love Alton Brown and the way even when you don't care what he's cooking, you still learn interesting stuff.
    I like to call him the "Mr. Wizard" of the food network. I love learning why you add certain things to the food, the chemical reactions and all. Reminds me of a college chemistry class when we made a recipe and all the ingredients were written as chemical compounds. It turned out to be Peanut Brittle. Fun!

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    Hi, Olivia!
    I catch Rachel Ray's $40 a Day. I love Travel Channel and I like to eat, so, hey, this is a win-win combo for me! (It doesn't hurt that I am in lurve with Rachel Ray. )

    I'm the cook in our house. In my spare time, I like to garden. (Surprise!) I have a rose garden and a vegetable garden, and nothing pleases me more than being able to use fresh vegetables from my garden in my cooking during the summer.

    One of my favorite dishes to cook is a down-home German dish called rouladen. Sounds nasty, but give it a try! It may be especially appealing to all you low-carb folks out there.

    The only drawback to my cooking is that when I'm done, the kitchen looks like the kitchen in one of those TV commercials where the kids have tried to surprise Mom and Dad by making breakfast.
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    Normally I hate cooking shows (because I work in a kitchen), but I really like watching Everyday Italian. I swear, she MUST wear those low-cut shirts on purpose!

    Not that I'm complaining!

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    I just confessed this to someone the other day, so I may as well do it here, too. Back in the early days of the Food Network (this had to be 10-12 years ago), Mrs. Fields had a cooking show. In case you don't know, not only is Mrs. Fields a real person, she is also very hot (at least she was back then). I loved watching that show! It was like watching Cindy Crawford making cookies. It was G-rated, yet somehow pornographic at the same time.

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    Ah yes, I remember the original Food Network thread. I spent most of my time in there ripping Rachael Ray.

    She still irritates me to no end, but I do love some of her recipes.

    I also love Paula Deen. She's so funny and genuine and her food is -worthy. And she totally won me over with that wedding special from last year. It was so sweet.

    I also love Good Eats, Unwrapped, Top Five, and The Secret Life Of... Tyler Florence is one beautiful chef.

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    I am so with you on the Rachel Ray thing sluggo, she annoys me to no end - can't watch her! Same goes with Flay, what a tool.

    i really miss the gameshows they had on their though. There was one where in the final the contestants had to taste a dish and guess the ingredients, and then there was date plate - now they're gone!

    My favorites are good eats (slight crush on Alton Brown) and Iron Chef (love French chef Sakai, *sigh*) i also like the show unwrapped - question, is that the same Marc Summers from Double Dare way back when? I remember reading an article about his OCD and how he couldn't handle the show and had to comb the fringe on his area rugs.

    Also like the secret life of... when I catch it.

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