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Thread: Mad Mad House on Sci-fi channel

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    is there any news for mad mad house season 2? I thought it would be coming out like March or so. Can anyone confirm that? IT would be cool to have more than 7 or so episodes. I really got into this show.

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    I was hoping for a second season too. But I believe sci-fi shelved the idea.

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    Rats. I would definitely watch another season of this.

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    SO strange that you guys brought this thread up.. I swear..just the other day at lunch, I was thinking about this show.

    I liked this one too, I wish they'd have a season II.
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    Mad Mad House is on Fox Reality channel right now!

    I don't think this how has any offical episode titles so...

    Mad Mad House episode title suggestions

    1. Something Wiccan this way comes
    2. Natural Selection
    3. Voodum or Even the Undead Wear Seat Belts
    4. Let Sleeping Vampires Lie
    5. Let it all Hang Out
    6. Everything Laid Bare
    7. Bloody Good Show
    8. Lament for Loana
    9. Mad Mad Finale

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