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Thread: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave

    Preston, Preston, Preston. I was wondering at the end if he actually ended up contributing anything. Such drama!
    I don't think that he ended up contributing much more than the dining room chairs. The guy is an Artistic Jerk in my book and I hope that we don't see him any more.
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    Well, I'm sorry I missed this! I didn't even realize it was on. This isn't going to be a new series is it? Or is just a single episode special?
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    I saw the last 10 minutes of the show, and it looked great. Especially the little girl, Olivia, was so impressed with constant OMG OMG OMG. It was kind of cute I am glad they gave this makeover to a family that needed it.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I loved this show! It was so cute the way half the designers started crying when it was revealed to the family. (I was about ready to reach for some tissues myself.) I was also glad that they chose a really deserving family.
    And let me just say, I loved Ty on Trading Spaces, but on this show you could really tell how much of a sweetheart he is.

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    I loved the finished house! It was stunning. Can you believe all of the family and friends that showed up to pitch in? That was fabulous!
    I loved Olivia's room... a life sized doll house. The older sister looked like she was going to combust LOL the whole family was thrilled! I would move into that house in a heart beat.
    Preston was a giant pain in the ass. I hope the next episode doesn't include him.
    The one buyer - the guy- was pretty stuck on himself in the confessionals but he was all sweetness and light with the other people. I wonder which is the real him?
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    I loved this redo show....finally people who actually DESERVE a home make-over. I loved the fact that Ty sectioned off the little girls room and worked on it by himself, that was really touching and it was apparent that it was from his heart.

    I have a ministry where we go in and redo peoples rooms for free, people who deserve it. We usually take 2 days and paint, redecorate etc. It was great to see this large-scale project for a good cause!

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    There should be a new forum for this great show!
    It's not a regular show, it's a special. There will be more, eventually, but they will be sporadic and not a weekly thing.

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    I loved this show and loved Ty on it!His schtick on TS was getting a little boring so I was glad to see more of his personality.The fact he did Olivia's room all by himself was the cutest thing I have ever seen and it just showed what a lovely person he is.
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    I stumbled across this show half-way through and found it fun to watch. I thought that some of the drama was a bit overplayed, but I love watching house transformation shows so I let all the squabbling go to wayside.

    So Ili, please tell us how you really felt about Preston! You are too funny! If they ever start doing this show on a more regular basis, I vote for you to do the recaps.

    Ty with his shirt off more than enough reason to watch this when it comes back on again.

    I agree with most of you, there were WAY too many OMGs. But sometimes, when you are in complete and total shock at what is before you, there really is nothing else to say but OMG.

    I do believe that they got a beautiful flat-screen plasma tv on the wall in their new living room, so I don't think they will be bringing the older tv back in from the garage. Overall, a dramatic transformation, which is the whole point of the show

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    Preston- what an a**hole! what was his contribution to the house? paint? no decorate? no desing? no helping hand? no as a friend? NO

    he'd done sh*t!

    'nuff said
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