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Thread: Phil Keoghan and Discovery Team up for NOW

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    Just watched the show tonight, I thought it was good. It was kind of weird though, I kept thinking Phil would be describing a roadblock or say that the last team to arrive would be eliminated.

    It was scary enough to be at home (for me) watching the first guy face his fear of sharks, but he had to know it was safe enough when Phil was actually out there with him doing it! Then when the next guy was out on the rough water in his homemade boat, that didn't seem too safe either. I was glad Phil was right there in another boat, close enough to help out if there was a problem.

    I'll keep watching!
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    Today's TV Guide.com Insider has an interview with Phil -- calling him Dr. Phil. Ha!

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    I watched the show. Seemed a little rough but it is the first show. I did enjoy it and hope it stays high enough in ratings to be successful. IMHO they need to follow one contestant for 30 minutes straight rather than flip from one to the other. Not hard for a TAR fan to keep up with but some people may not be used to the cutaways.

    I think this should be moved out to the main board as a separate thread.
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    Phil is scheduled to be on Dennis Miller tonight on CNBC at 9:00 pm EST. (Show is repeated at midnight.) Also on the show are Bradford Cohen from The Apprentice 2 and Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

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