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Thread: Good, Bad & Ugly - November 2-8

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    Good, Bad & Ugly - November 2-8

    Each week, our writers come up with the best and worst moments of the past week. Here are the good, the bad and the ugly of last week.

    Good Reaction, Bad Situation
    This week on Bachelor Bob had overnight dates with the ramaining three ladies. Each had spectacular surroundings and the invitiation to forgo individual rooms for a fantasy suite. What a shocker. Bob did get a bit more serious and asked a couple of questions that were not so easy to answer. Mary got hit with a question about when she wanted to start a family. Mary wants to get started having children within five years. Aparently that was the wrong answer. Bob does not know if he will be ready that soon or ever. In an effort to make a better match Bob let Mary go. As he walked her out he took the time to explain his actions and Mary was very gracious. Though it hurt her to leave Bob she knew it was for the best if his dreams were not the same as her's. All Mary did was fall in love with Bob and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Beauty Does Not Always Make Good TV
    Kudos to NBC for disrupting the standard scheme of dating shows to highlight the plight of the average American male vis a vie Average Joe. We said we were tired of seeing perfect people competing to couple with other perfect people, didn't we? NBC tests our resolve as they present us with a beautiful object d' affection in the form of former NFL cheerleader, former beauty pageant contestant and recycled NBC reality TV contestant (Meet My Folks), Melana Scantlin.

    The difference between normal folk and the drop-dead gorgeous beautiful folk who have participated in the pageant circuit was never more apparent than when Melana Scantlin met her fate. Trusting the folks at NBC by once again signing on for a reality dating show, Melana was visibly shocked to find her suitors were actually Average Joes. As the initial introductions began, we saw the beauty queen smile come and go from her face as she greeted the sixteen men who would vie for her affection. Still, we give Melana credit for managing to get through the introductions while making each of the men feel welcome, and for continuing with the show, despite obviously being duped by the producers. Despite her obvious attempt to grin-and-bear-it, we give Melana props for treating each of the men with the respect they deserved, even if it wasn't heartfelt at the time.

    A True Survivor
    Extreme Makeover has always done a good job in transforming self-described ugly ducklings into swans. However, some of these transformations are more poignant than others. This week, a 44 year old breast cancer survivor named Sarah Proudman was an example of the best this show can be. Having undergone a mastectomy 2 years ago, Sarah hasn't felt like the beautiful woman her husband and daughter promise her she is. Unfortunately, all the affirmations in the world aren't going to take away the self-consciousness she feels. She wants nothing more than to feel sexy again, and she believes that a breast reconstruction would make that possible. With the full support of a warm and loving family, Sarah's Extreme Makeover experience gave her back the self-confidence so cruelly robbed by cancer. Money very well spent.

    It Could Have Gotten Really Ugly
    This week on Survivor we saw the return of two outcasts. Lil and Burton were voted back into the game for a second chance. Though both were excited to return to the game; Lil reluctantly made her way back to Morgan and Burton cautiously entered the Drake tribe again. Neither one knew what to expect of the people who booted them in the first place. Burton was welcomed back with open arms and greeted by all. Rupert made the extra effort to tell Burton why he was booted in the first place and offered a fresh start. Burton was thrilled. Lil did not fare as well at Morgan. She was welcomed back with apologies from everyone. Andrew's apology was the slimiest and was not believable at all. Lil knows that they would boot her again at first chance. She is taking everything they saywith a grain of salt.

    Thatís Pretty Bad
    As in bad pick up lines that is. When Tareq, a 21 year old PhD, had his first opportunity to impress the beautiful Melana on Average Joe, he trotted out what he must have considered his most successful pick up line: "Do you like broccoli?" Melana, graceful as always, replied, "Why yes" before gamely going along and discussing the finer merits of peas. Tareq kept up his end of the conversation, remarking that he had never been 'fascinated by green vegetables.' to which, frankly, there is no good reply.

    Quitting: The Latest Trend in Reality TV
    This week on Joe Millionaire, David was forced to make his hardest decision yet. Obviously taken with Linda, the tension between the ladies escalated as the green eyed monster raised it's ugly head. David was visibly disappointed when Linda decided to head back to the hotel for the night rather than sleep out under the stars with David. The next morning at breakfast, Linda asked David to send her home, but failed to give him a reason. David was crushed, confused and couldn't help but take her rejection personally. At the elimination ceremony, David did as she requested and denied her an emerald necklace. Visibly shaken, David couldn't even manage an explanation or a goodbye. While packing, Linda confessed that she wasn't certain that she made the right decision and regretted not getting the opportunity to explain why she wanted to go home. She felt she was weak and easily influenced and couldn't continue any longer. David was miserable, Linda was miserable and were forced to carry on their separate ways. The path to reality true love never does come easily.

    What Are Your Intentions?
    We were treated to a merge of the tribes on Survivor this week. Drake and Morgan were combined to make Balboa. They celebrated their new union with a feast that was appreciated by all; especially the former Morgan tribe. No sooner did they dig into their meal when the scheming began. Lil was invited to join in and vote off some of her former tribe members. She was welcomed with open arms into her new home. Andrew piped up and asked Lil to let him know what her decision was. She was quick to point out that they had a similar agreement in the past that was not honored. She made no promises. Andrew seemed wary of this and rightfully so as he was swiftly voted off the island at that night's tribal council. Lil was right in her assessment of where Andrew's true feelings resided. He demonstrated as much when he said goodbye only to Rhino, D and T will Lil's name nowhere on his breath.

    Zach: English for Jerk
    To the nerds and nerd-ish among us, the brutal memories of junior high haven't been this uncomfortably felt since the Paradise Hotel finale. Zach (The name a coincidence? We think not.) the self-proclaimed "Best of the Average" contestants on Average Joe selected Marc as the object of his derision. During the social time before meeting Melana, Zach - for no apparent reason - smashed a raw egg over the head of Marc, a 32-year old software manager from LA. Zach proved what Melana picked up on quickly when, within hours of meeting him she asked flatly, "Are you a jerk?" Based on what we've seen so far, we'll answer in the affirmative.

    Thanks to the following writers, in no particular order, for their contributions: Feifer, Bumpkin, AmandaG & Miss Filangi
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    Thanks all!

    Zach truly IS english for "jerk"!!
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    very great list! I love reading these. Great job once again.
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    Yay! Super job by all!

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    i need help finding the sarah proudman video from extreme makeover

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    Try our Extreme Makeover forum, you might get more help.

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