I was browsing through the cable channels last night to see what had been added that we hadn't noticed, and watched a Russian show for 1/2 hour without understanding any of it. The next channel listed was 'F'. I was a little hesitant, based on all the things that that 'could' stand for, but found that it was a Phillipino station, and they were playing an AI type show called "Star in a Million". 10 contestants, each sang songs from the US. It was sad 'cause I could identify each AI2 contestant that had sung that song. Then there were team A and team B songs, and then one was eliminated.

Pretty standard stuff, but what was really interesting was the dialog. We watched the channel this evening - The Miss Earth Pageant and it was all in English. The "Star in a Million" show dialog was a serious mixture of English and Tagalog.

OK, so maybe I need a life, watching shows that I don't understand, I should stick to Spanish and English channels, but other cultures fascinate me.

Has anyone else watched this, and is the mixture of languages common?