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Thread: (TS - British Invastion) Jersey Shore: South Laurel Drive - Frank's Room

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    I think he bought them and new dining set.
    Great Frank, they would never be able to go out and do that for themselves :rolleyes

    This really was a classic room for a TS makeover.
    So many things in the room needed changing and updating.
    I'm tired of seeing rooms that look great to begin with. Give me a room that needs some major work, that makes for a more interesting show imo.
    This is exactly the type of room I like to see in the hands of a decent designer, such as Vern.
    As Ducky said earlier, I have no doubt he would have addressed each of the problem areas, leaving the HO's with something more than just the cosmetic changes Frank made.

    Very disappointing.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Vern would have put in wood floors without a doubt, painted it some pretty yellowish or greenish colour, replaced the countertops, given them a new dining area, and bought them a new car, and stayed under budget. It's bloody ridiculous that they give these crappy designers all of these shows when the one and only redeeming designer on the show hardly ever gets any.

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    My wife said the same thing...he bought a dining table and chairs...I am seeing this as more of a trend...the designer as personal shopper or even worse the guy or gal at the store who sells you the table and chairs....Just not helpful in the room that needed so much more help than it got....Beating a dead horse the acoutic tiles had water stains.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    ....Beating a dead horse the acoutic tiles had water stains.....

    .....and now tree branches.....

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