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Thread: House Rules on TBS

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    At least he still got those tools. Those were his babies while the show ran. Them getting the furniture for cheap is also really good, but I am still a little disappointed that neither got their house because they did so well on them. Especially Joey and Rebecca, they made that house a dream house for them both. Thanks for the update Cindy.

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    I am soo glad to hear Joey got his tools! You've made my day! I think anyone who still comes here is a real House Rules junkie (including myself), so thank you for the update and for the clarification of the bogus info. Any idea when the new show will air?
    And congrats to you and Bill!

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    didn't get the house? wonder what they did with them? probly sold them for more than the going vlaue cause they were used int he show and now the house is a celeb in it's own way.......

    I hope the couples are doing well and have a better house to work on. something that they wanted more than what was left to choose from.

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    Aye, thanks for the update and I am glad they were given the tools and a Very good price on the furniture.

    *raises hand as a House Rules Junkie*

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    does anyone know when the new house rules will be ? I loved this show !

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