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Thread: House Rules on TBS

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    Quote Originally Posted by karna68
    I honestly don't think all 3 will get the houses free and clear, 1 will get the house and the other 2 the option to buy.
    I agree. If there's any thought of doing this show again, the concept is ruined if you know going into it that all the contestants are going to get their houses. And it certainly makes the show a bit more expensive to produce.
    And that, Marjorie --- just so you will know --- and your children will someday know --- is the night the lights went out in Georgia!

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    Yeah it would be ruined a little bit, but you would think TBS has already bought the 3 houses so they could tear it up like this. I just hope in the end all 3 couples end up with the house some way.

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    You know, as much as I think all three couples deserve to win the house (even though I have my fav to win), I think only one couple should win the house. Every episode our buddy Mark has been saying that one couple will win the house and the money because of the votes from the audience. I would be a bit miffed if they give all three couples the house!

    As far as the whole Rebecca and Joey proposal, I think part of it was to get on the viewer's good sides but I also think that it is quite sweet. We have to remember that the both of them were having a long distance relationship and hadn't spent an extended period of time together before they got picked to go on the show. I think that for them to throw themselves into this project and for them to feel strongly that they want to spend the rest of their lives together is great!

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    Hi, it's Cindy, here. I posted this thread on another board, and decided to post to this one, too. I just want to thank you all for this forum. This has been one of the only two places I could go to get an objective reaction to the show in general, and our work and ideas in particular.

    House Rules has been just an incredible experience for Bill and me, and we are SOOO glad we did it. It's also so exciting that the show is interesting and entertaining to viewers, and that viewers seem to get so passionate about it. Maybe it's because you can see that we were all passionate about it, as well. I have never posted here before, because I wanted this board to remain objective, and I still do. I think that your views here have been rational, fun, and honest. Sorry y'all didn't like my faux finish -- ha! Oh, well. Just had to try it, and I think I've figured it out, now. Nobody can say we played it too safe!

    Bill and I are truly proud to have been a part of the first season of this crazy show, even when they showed me crying, Bill yelling, or us bickering. For better or worse, what they've shown is who we really are. We do really love each other, and we really do cut up and laugh alot. That's how we got through the tremendous stress of remodeling a room in five days with cameras in our faces the whole time!

    Here's the message I really want to get across. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir, but PLEASE vote for whomever it is you think deserves the house, and tell everyone you know to do the same. The voting really matters, because of the 2 million or so people out there watching this show, I would imagine that only a small percentage of those viewers will actually take the time to make the call or go online to vote. In addition, because there was no way for the producers to technically restrict it, there is no limit to how many times people can vote. So your vote matters, and further more, the more you vote for the couple you think deserves to win, the MORE it matters.

    Thanks for watching and sharing this experience with us. We'll miss you and your honest opinions very much.

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    Thanks for posting Cindy. I didn't think your faux finish was bad at all! It is great to hear that you and Bill enjoyed your experience, through the good and the bad. And a big for the editors and producers of the show for showing you and Bill as you truely are. It seems to be a rare occurence in reality tv these days, or at least other cast members think it is!

    As for myself, I am looking forward to tonight's episode to see the tours you and the other couples take us on. I think that they will be the deciding factor on who I vote for. Heck, if there is no limit on how many times I can call, I may throw a few votes towards my second favorite and the majority of my votes towards my favorites!

    Good luck Cindy and Bill (and Kitty!!), I am rooting for you!!

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    Thank you for reminding me the show was on today. I just got home from a long day and didn't even remember it was on

    Its always cool to have people from the shows to come on here. Its kind of stupid to not restrict how many times people can vote because you know there will be those people who just keep voting for the same person for an hour. But I will just vote once...or twice...or maybe three times for Joey and Rebecca But it really is a tough decision because all 3 teams have a reason to get the house. I still hope that somehow all 3 come up with the house because they are all truly deserving.

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    Arrgh! I'm stuck at work doing zoning applications! But it looks like House Rules will be on tomorrow morning, so I'm not going to spoil myself, I'll see y'all tomorrow

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    It still seems to me that they are editing Joey and Rebecca to be the winners. I am swinging my vote back and forth between Joey and Rebecca or Katie and Adam. I think both of them are looking to start a family and would be a great place and house to do it. Joey and Rebecca made the house of their dreams and I think I will vote for them just for that reason.

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    There has to be too many people on the TBS site voting right now because the site is down. Guess there is going to be a lot more votes than I had expected.

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    Wow is that really you Cindy? Why is your screen name Cindy Scott? Well if it is you I'm voting for you and Bill, I think you deserve it the most. I think Joey and Rebecca were just too cocky throughout the whole show and Joey's comment tonight about america appreciating his work ethic sealed the deal for me. You all worked equally hard, I don't know why he thinks he worked harder than anyone else. As for Katie and Adam I just don't think they did as good of a job as you and Bill. Their room of choice was hideous! Oh by the way I loved your faux finish! Good luck to you!


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