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Thread: The Phenomenon

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    All of you are so right. But in defense for the people who truely do need it or should I say want it. I think or would like to think that they would agree with me when I say yes it is wrong that this world has become soo vein because in the end it doesn't change the fact that you are either a nice person or not. I myself am a nice person, I'm a romantic. But after being teased your whole life because you were and are alittle over weight it really comes down to your own self image as an adult. And sadly regardless of how nice you are if your image of yourself is warped which mine has been since I was a child so something like this becomes a gift. Let me say that it's from my waist to my knees I want to change, I'm happy with my face just as is. It's not that we care what other people think of us now that we are adults but it's the desire to look in the mirror and love what we see, to have the confidence to do all the things in life that you've longed to do but can't find the courage to do them. I realize that there are all kinds and sizes of people in this world that love themselves just as they are. Regardless of size or shape and I so admire these people. They truely are the most beautiful people this world has. But regardless of how much I admire these people I can't seem to except my body, I never have and it's held me back in so many areas of my life that it is just down right sad. An excuse, maybe. So for all of you that don't agree with all this madness my heart goes out to you and I really admire you for just being and loving yourself. You are all beautiful people who are passionate and loving. Why else would be here supporting all of us. And like all of you have said, the people in it for vanity will truely always be dissapointed with life and will never find happiness. Myself, I love life now I just want to have a normal self image so I can find the strength to get out more than I do and show my son all the beautiful things in this world (not the "beautiful people")

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    Hey Cali!
    I just checked out the pics of the fort members and I was wondering how I might add a pic of myself to the list

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    Quote Originally Posted by forte2play
    First I would love to just that not only do I love the show, I love coming to this site and reading everything that everyone has to write. Everyone of you is so passionate and I think that is a gift that no person should be without. And for those of you who might already know I'm in the process of applying myself. I'm still cringing about the thought my whole body being shown on national tv when my whole life I've always made it a point to keep people from seeing my body never mind in my underwear. Everytime I've put a bathing suit there has always been either a large long shirt over it and at least never without shorts! It's taken a few talks and a few shows to get my family to understand why this would be the greatest and most exspensive gift in the world. Now they are more excepting and would support me if I was to actually make the show. Not that I'm holding my breathe cuz I can't win a doller on a scratch off ticket. The Oct. deadline is nearing and I still don't have a camcorder but I am trying hard to find one. I would just go out and buy one but with a 1 year old and my staying at home with him extra money is not to be mine. And I would have to say that would be my biggest problem, leaving my son for two months, at his age.
    Forte, did you finally get the application and video out? Also I wonder if you saw the special on Primetime. They had some very severe cases that the show wouldn't even consider because the surgeries they needed were too extensive.

    I made it through to the next level (breast reduction) but then was turned down. The lady who pitched me said they are looking for specific cases and I just didn't fit all the categories I guess. That was a difficult thing. Knowing you have a chance and then being let down. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

    Anyway, best of luck to you. You know I'm there in your court...


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