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Thread: TS- They Hated It!

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    Fluff thank you as always for the common sense approach to home design...good humor and encyclopedic knowlegde of trading spaces reruns..I think I missed the barn ceiling Doug worked with...but that makes his comment so much more petty....and I would love to see what a dozen or so home owners did with the rooms after the designers left.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    I agree with you, Amanda. I thought the room was atrocious, and Rick's attitude in the post-show interview certainly did not endear him to me any more. :nono What an ass...
    I agree with Amanda & Lobeck. What an amazing debut for Rick all together. It's pretty clear who he's in it for and it's not for the homeowners.

    I love wendiness's idea of having post TS shows. Send that idea along to the producers!

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    After watching Rick, there's no way I'd put my house up. I'm not chancing Hilda/Kia/Rick/Doug or even Genevieve coming in and messing it up.
    With the exception of Rick and Kia, the rest of them have had some rooms I liked. But they've also had Disasters! and my furniture wouldn't be the only thing "distressed" if I drew any of them for my house. The ending interviews with the 2 men just confirmed my feelings. Doug had no apology for shoddy workmanship, and Rick had no apology for shoddy decor. Nuff said.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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