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Thread: Trading Spaces $100,000

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    I want to say that I'm so sick of Lori. I hate that all her designs look the same. She has no range at all. That room *was* nicer afterwards than before, but it looked like something she could have done with the regular budget, imo. I didn't like those $6000 curtains one bit. Those would be the first to go for me. Second would be that picture. Third would be the sunburst mirror thingie. Blah.

    On the other hand, I thought Doug's room was really nice. Go figure.

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    Both rooms were better for the money then some I have seen by these people with the money...the carpenters having some time really did nice work..

    Laurie spent way too much on fabric....and the colors still didnt quiet work together....theres a surprise...and the expensive antiques she bought...were very nicely hidden in the corners of rooms...beaucse they werent focus pieces....

    Doug on the other hand seems to need money and people...working with three rooms ....the over all visual effect was nice...and the mistakes...an all stainless steel refrigerator...nice in a resturant but not in a home and the choice to but expenisve wood then decorate it...he had an army of people so that one was partially corrected....at least he didnt buy any very expensive furniture that didnt work in the room....one of his best efforts in years actually......

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    I have all stainless steel appliances in my home and whenever the budget allows suggest my clients do the same so I like Doug's choice there.

    His counter top was heinous imo, it looked cheap and nasty to me.

    All Laurie really did was complete a room to her usual pretty high standard but with a crap load of extra cash.
    A chair for $2800, a mirror for $1800, so unnecessary.
    The HO's then go loads of free Sony stuff, plus a $1000 Paige "bonus" on top of that.
    I found that to be excessive and cannot understand how they decided who should be the recipient of all that bounty. Nothing against the HO's, they struck lucky, but think of what they could have done with that cash instead of just lavishing it on these HO's.
    The decision seemed entirely random, I could understand why these people in particular were selected for this show.
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    I wasn't really impressed with how Laurie ended up spending her 50k. I agree that the colors didn't quite work together as well, maybe cause there was just too much going on all together in the room. It wasn't a bad room, just far too many things in there for my taste, I'm much more or a streamline and clean lines kind of gal. Lots and lots of furniture in there that in my eyes made the room look smaller. I wasn't as big of a fan of the entertainment center as Laurie and Paige were, but it was definitely interesting, I did LOVE the coffee table Ty built them tho, just a shame it got lost in the room (along with the very expensive, yet pretty, reproduction chair from the antique store).

    Doug on the other hand really impressed me. Not totally over the top like he could have been, and he brought in experts to do the work where needed which was sort of a nice change. I really thought he did a great job, and put the extra money to very good use, especially with the extra large space he had to work with. The HO's really lucked out to have picked that space cause it was basically having 3 rooms in 1 done. Amy Wynn I was feeling for tho having her gorgeous table stained, I had to almost giggle that part of the stain had to be removed anyways. (by the way, was that the only project she had for them? I don't remember seeing her work on anything else)

    All in all I enjoyed this episode, but agree with everything that was discussed here earlier...it would have been so much better if it would have been for a cause.

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    Laurie's room was okay. It isnt something I'd like at my place, but it was an improvement to what they had. However it didn't look like a 50,000 room. It looked like a typical Laurie room, just with an extreme waste of money on the fabric and furniture. The fabrics were awful as usual with her, just more expensive and the furniture was boring. Plus these people have kids. The furniture didn't look too kid friendly. It didn't feel like a family room where you could have toys or even just relax. I did really like the coffee table and fireplace that Ty made.
    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I guess thanks to Laurie being included we'll get to see what $99,950 worth of fabric looks like.
    This post makes me laugh even more now. Fluff was bang on! lol

    I really liked Doug's room. I usually do though. And I liked how he made sure everything was done properly by bringing in professionals. It would be such a waste if you had all this new, expensive stuff but it was painted and installed horribly. I love stainless steal appliances and was hoping he'd be doing that when I saw it was a kitchen. The only thing I didn't like was there wasn't a couch. Only chairs in the livingroom.

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    I agree. I thought a sofa or love seat would have been nicer than all chairs. Doug did a really nice job, though I would have expected granite for the counter-top (how often does somebody get a shot at that?).

    Laurie had far too much furniture in that room. I wonder where the poor kid is going to put her toys now? Seems like Laurie forgot there was a child in the house. The big bucks for the lamp shade, chair and mirror were wasted. I feel like Doug's HOs got the bettet deal (3 rooms). Seems like they should have agreed to do the kitchens in both homes, even though it wasn't originally called for.

    Do you think it would have been more fun if they hadn't told the HOs that BOTH of them were going to enjoy the $50,000 bonus? What if they'd told each secretly, separately that the OTHER couple had been chosen at random to get a $50,000 makeover and then surprised them at the end when they saw their rooms. That would have been fun.

    I wish they'd increase the regular budget on the show to at least $2,000. I think that would give the designers more options but still be a challenge.

    And I agree it would have been great to have devoted a big budget like this to a really deserving couple or a community center or something. Oh, well . . .

    Thank goodness the designers weren't Kia or Rick! Laurie and Doug were good choices but I think Laurie went nuts with the antiques and fabric. Doug can be off the wall but I think he appreciated having $50,000 and decided to behave himself.

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    I liked both of the rooms. Except Laurie's artwork, and some accessories. I was expecting something bad from her (colorwise) after reading this thread before watching it, but it looked like a familyroom at the end, cozy and such.

    And I would take those curtains Doug put up down the next day. Other than that I have no complaints really about his creation, I love stainless steel in kitchen and was it Corian he put on countertops? Personally I love the look of granite and wood countertops, but they are so unpractical in use and have to be sealed every year, with kids, Corian is the right choice, you can easily touch it up with a piece of sandpaper.

    I loved the carpentry work by both Ty and Amy. It would have been lovely to have Ty build that entertainment center piece for a more contemporary room, but it was a nice mix of styles at the end, maybe because the color of the wood/stain he used blended well with the rest of the colors Laurie chose. And, if it would not have been for that more modern looking entertainment center, I probably would not have liked Laurie's room, it would have been leaning too much towards traditional to me.

    But it was a great episode, and reminded me of the "Designing for the sexes" interior designer, he never has disappointed me so far, but then again, he always has this kind of budget to work with.
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    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Stainless steel is definitely the way to go..

    $6000 draperies are a travesty..

    Doug delivered a beautifully restrained design.. for him.

    Laurie delivered a room that needs some "pop-up video" production to fully be appreciated.

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    what didnt work for me about the stainless steel fridge was mostly its shinnyness drew attention to it in contrast to the otherwise subtle finishes of the rest of the kitchen...both cabinets and appliances...an all stainless kitchen wouldnt do that....but the fridge just didnt look like anything else in that room...and I dont think it needed to be set apart that way...

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    I agree about the fridge in contrast to the cabinets museum guy.
    Stainless works far better with mid to dark wood tones imo, although a white fridge in a white kitchen would have looked worse I believe, as would black.

    I didn't really like Doug's room.
    I'm not a fan of white kitchen cabinets, nothing wrong with them, just not my cup of tea and I didn't like the wall colour.
    He stretched his budget well over the three rooms though I think, but man those curtains looked cheap.

    Laurie's room was ridiculously opulent imo.
    The drapery fabric would not have been my choice and the amount she spent on them was almost offensive. Hilde's hay wall room, Gen's moss wall, Doug's theatre room, Des's "dating game" room, Doug's prison of love room and Hilde's flower stapled bathroom, all unpleasant rooms with a combined budget equal to that of Laurie's curtains.

    For me, this show went completely against the premise of the series.
    The budget was ridiculous, and the "extras" thrown in on top for no other reason than to give a big old shout out to Sony, added insult to injury.
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