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Thread: Top Ten Moments In Reality TV September 7 ~ 13

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    Top Ten Moments In Reality TV September 7 ~ 13

    Here we are, it’s Monday once again, and time for the weekly Top Ten list. Sit back and enjoy as we count down to number 1.

    10. Big Brother has a Big Nose

    Well, it may not be politically correct, but posters on websites have been commenting for weeks (or more likely 65+ days) about Robert and his fixation with his nose on Big Brother. This week we were treated to not only the disappearance of Ali and Jun for a while, but we got to hear Erika very comfortably ask Robert to “quit picking his nose”. His response? “OK”.
    Was that all it took? People will be watching next week to see if they spy a finger in a hole it doesn’t belong in!

    9. Make My Day.

    Housekeeper Linda determined Anthony was a punk very early on in The Family.
    Even after he was eliminated from the competition, he continued to give every indication she was spot on.

    He was voted back into contention this week by his family members, to take on all-too-distant-for-their-liking Cousin Mike, for control of the $1m fortune.
    Anthony claimed the cash after the final leg of the contest required him to lie, his apparent strong suit.

    He spent the night considering what to do with the fortune, then delivered a warm, heart-felt speech, declaring he would be splitting the money evenly among his family. Ypou know he loves them when he adds: “I really, truly finally see that besides money and cars and friends, family is the most important thing you can have in your life." To quote Inigo Montoya "I do not think that means what he thinks it means."

    His toughest battle on this show seemed to be in trying to win the respect of his father.
    Hopefully, by his final words and deed, he will have done just that.

    8. How Can You Dump Billy Idol ?

    Well it's the second last show of Canadian Idol. Left are Ryan Malcolm Gary Beals , and Billy Klippert .A nice cross Canada selection. All three did 2 songs this week. One judge's choice, one from their "idol".
    Sass must have shared whatever she's been smoking with the Jury , because the Judges choices were all Schmaltzy 70's/80's pop crap. I thought Zack would rather poke his eye out than listen to this stuff - You can't tell me he even had a vote. So just forget that part of the show.
    Idols choice had Ryan and Gary doing songs that other people should never ever sing , and in Gary’s case OFF KEY. Billy had the nerve to sing a song that was post 1990, and Stone Temple Pilots to boot. Silly boy. Don't you know you have to sing crap to win this ?
    Of course the guy who dared to mess with the formula got cut , and the guy who can't ever sing on Key stayed. Between the warped karaoke formula of the Idol franchise , and the always screwed up voting - gotta love this show ...

    7. Fuzzy Math

    When Erin rejected Rob Campos, she assured him she was only being practical as choosing the money over him would help her financially strapped family. After her selection of Chad in the For Love or Money 2 finale, she said the prize money was "like, whatever" as she explained her past as a contestant on For Love Or Money. To prove her point, Erin told Chad she was playing for two million dollars and wanted to split it with him. She then produced a blank check and filled it out for $500,000.

    This check, as well the 15 contestant rings and other props from For Love or Money 2 are up for auction on ebay this week. Click here for auction details. Auction proceeds benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer Awareness and Support. For more info on the Foundation check out www.LAF.org

    6. The Difference Between Men and Women.

    This week being the last chance for the public to vote for the man who would marry Lisa, she finally took the opportunity to make her feelings crystal clear on Cupid.
    She likes Hank, she's falling in love with him and it seems clear to most that he is the only man of the remaining bunch she would even consider marrying.

    Her witchy buddies might have got wind of the backlash their comments were causing, as they managed to go overboard in their enthusiasm for Hank, without completely humiliating the other prospective grooms.

    While the females on the show have become more and more pro-Hank, his fellow male contestants continue to speak of his aggressive behaviour, bad attitude and temper within the bachelor house.

    If the public responds to Lisa's pleas, she'll be marrying him next week.

    As she does seem to genuinely care for him, hopefully for her sake the females have been able to read Hank better than the males.

    5. The Loch Ness Monster

    After being allowed to re-enter Paradise Hotel last week, Zack, the prodigal son and resident headband model, wasted no time in picking up his grudges right where he left off. And although his threats of violence against Keith rendered him ineligible to be voted back onto the show, he let Amy - and the viewing public - know just how much misplaced pride he takes in himself. In one of the more quixotic reality show rants of all time, this "male with Scottish and Italian blood" claimed that all one needs to do to understand Scottish pride is watch the movie Braveheart. And while we can't quite find Zack on par with William Wallace, one thing's for sure: the PH Powers That Be were more than happy to give him his FREEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM.

    4. Keeping It Real.

    As usual, Pandora's Box threw put some confrontation causing questions on Paradise Hotel this week.

    Amy was asked for her reaction to Tara's supposed claim that Amy is jealous of her.
    She launched into a calm, by her standards, response, stating that, at 21, she had "overcome and accomplished more then you ever will in your whole entire life".
    Tara met this comment from the dental assistant/semi-pro cheerleader with the "you're boring me" look she has come to perfect.

    Later in her room she discussed Amy's response to the question with Keith.
    Through her laughter, she asked "what has she accomplished? We're both on a reality show".

    If nothing else, that comment shows that Amy should be jealous of the fact that Tara knows how to keep things in perspective.

    3. It's Been A Good Year...

    Having been locked within the confines of the Big Brother compound for two months, anyone would think Erika, Robert and Alison would welcome the chance, any chance to get out for a while.
    Even Jun, who did "escape" to attend the VMA's should be eager for another peak at the outside world.
    Despite their complaints about the boredom and monotony of the house, the opportunity to take a trip in the Good Year dirigible was not met with anything approaching even mild enthusiasm by the houseguests.
    The people who made the most sarcastic comments about the trip and wanted to go the least, Alison and Jun emerged as the winners of the competition.

    Even more ironic that the two people who have been drawing so much attention for their increasing waistlines should win a trip on a blimp.

    2. Sister, Doing It For Herself.

    Racial lines were crossed this week on Performing As, when African American, Arlys Alford was transformed into Annie Lennox.

    The contestants don't get to select which artist they appear as, which could explain not only why many of the performances are sub-par, but also why the show is call "Performing As", rather than "Sounds Like".

    The make up and wardrobe departments managed to recreate Annie's androgynous look, without making Arlys look ridiculous and she did a decent job trying to emulate her vocal tones.

    Arlys didn't win, but she did escape the show with her dignity intact, which is no mean feat.

    1. Mr. Pot, meet Ms. Kettle

    On Temptation Island, Jason and Kara continued to drive each other mad with their respective antics. The tempters were all too happy to help drive those wedges into their relationship. First, Jeff enticed Kara into some playful, but relatively innocent pool fun. The problem is, Jason cannot stand Jeff, so seeing the clips of this at the bonfire led him to take on a new attitude toward his dates with Erryn, going so far as to duplicate the same pool adventures. When Kara saw the tape, which was nearly identical to her date with Jeff, she flipped out, and told the circling vulture (Jeff) she didn’t want to be with Jason any longer. The show ended with Jeff all to happy to help her get over things.

    Yup, a typical Temptation Island crisis, and it reassures us once again that myopia is alive and well, even in temperate climes.

    I would like to thank all of the writers who contributed this week. In alphabetical order, they are: AmandaG, Bill_in_PDX, Bumpkin, eny, and fluff
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Re: Top Ten Moments In Reality TV September 7 ~ 13

    I know it has been years, but someone said they searched up my name and found decent reviews of my 2003 perf as Anne Lennox. Gotta say, this did make my day.

    Thanks, years later - for the lift.

    Arlys Alford

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