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Thread: David Blaine: The above the below

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    I heard he's on the verge of quitting, amid fears of ruining his image and safety concerns.

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    Yes in Britain it is quite a big public deal just now.There are so many discussions about it everywhere - on the news,on headline papers,radio,chat shows - we even had a whole lesson discussion about him in my English class today!
    I personally dont like him,since I dont see the point in doing it,I mean really what is the big show?However there are so many allegations around about it being an illusion.About a week before he went in,there were TV ads on with him saying "Ill give 1 million to anyone who proves its an illusion"!
    but I cannot at all see how its an illusion- at all.

    But I cant wait until the end of it to see if there was an illusion anyway.

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