'Extreme' candidates line up to seek makeovers

an ABC Action News report 9/05/03

TAMPA - It's a hit on ABC, and now Extreme Makeover may be choosing someone from the Tampa area to be on the next makeover series.

Hundreds of folks showed up at the ABC Action News studios on Friday, some as early as 3 a.m., to try and convince the network they are in need of a free makeover.

Applicants like Karen Bennett got one minute of tape time to convince ABC that they're the next extreme makeover.

"My main area is my mouth. I have bad gum disease. You see I'm talking with my lips kind of closed, and I want to go back to being who I used to be and laugh and smile and not be self-conscious," she explained.

The desire to look younger on someone else's dime was what motivated 46-year-old Kerry Marie to fly in from Fort Lauderdale for the open casting call.

"I look real tired and haggard, and I have bad skin and little breasts," she told ABC Action News.

More than 200 people filled out applications, but even those not picked for the show had a chance to talk with experts on hand.