Here we go again. It’s time for the Top Ten list and this week we have a wide variety. I hope you enjoy them…..

10. ...but no-one noticed her...

...does that count? For a show that promises NO Outside Contact Big Brother has a way of bending it's own rules for ratings sake.

In the fourth installment of the series it was Jun who was let out of the house. She didn't get to take a housemate with her, but she did get to go to New York City and watch the MTV Video Awards in person.
Admittedly, it would be hard to stay cooped up in a house for that long with people you may or may not like, but Big Brother should stop bending the rules. No Contact should actually mean NO CONTACT. If they want to promote MTV, like they do Subway, McDonalds, and Dunkin’ Donuts, they should have allowed Jun to watch the awards on another of their often plugged items …. Whatever that cool TV is …

9. No Nair Needed

Ok usually top ten moments are funny, stupid or insane. However, for once a genuine sweet moment makes it to this weeks top ten. George has been growing his hair for seven years and he truly has Barbie hair. It is long and blonde and down the middle of his back. The fab five from QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY, have convinced him to cut the long locks off for his makeover. George so far has been shown to be really an amazingly nice guy, he is great to his mom, friends and the fab five. George is a little nervous about losing his Fabio look until the mention that he has enough hair to donate to the making of wigs for children with cancer who have lost their hair during chemo. George's eyes welled up and it was a done deal. This huge body builder with such a tender heart and lovely long locks for children has such an awwwww factor it has to be a top ten moment. To learn more about Locks Of Love please click HERE

8. You Can Take the Staff Out of the Restaurant...

The Restaurant has breathed its last breath but the staff was still complaining. A big beach party planned by Rocco and paid for by Coors Light and various sponsors did very little to change things.

We saw and heard many unpleasant things: Rocco's singing and guitar strumming, Pete's bad rapping (which was as awful as his comedy), and Heather the vengeful bartender seething with jealousy over Lauren the new server, who was so much cuter and blonder.

However, during that beach party, there was something that made the entire last show worthwhile: Laurent and his charming family. They sat slightly apart from the crowd and Laurent was teaching his older son the finer points of kite flying as his wife and infant were watching and thinking in that French way, "Vee are by the seaside and vee are having a tres charmant time avay from zee riff raff."

7. Into The Lion's Den.

Our third trip to Temptation Island began this week and looked set to follow the same path as the two previous installments.
Mark L Wahlberg was on hosting duty again, there were four couples out to test their commitment to each other and a bunch of sexy singles all too willing to help them.

As always, Mark asked each of the eight "coupled" contestants to select the one person they did not want their partner to date.
Jason happily selected single guy Jeff who had "punk'd' him earlier in a bracelet giving ceremony, as the guy he wanted nowhere near his girlfriend.

Unfortunately for him and all the other boyfriends and girlfriends, the producers had decided to pull a switcheroo by having the person you least want to date your partner be the first person they actually do date.
Jason's expression was one of pure horror, as he realised he was sending his girlfriend Kara off to date Jeff, the "single" who above all other is showing signs of relishing his role as "tempter"
The wide-mouth grin never left Jeff's face as he told the camera Kara would be single by the time she left Temptation Island.

6. I Write The Songs...

In yet another rule change, the females were given the power to decide which male was booted, making it ‘pamper the ladies’ week on Paradise Hotel.
Dave’s “King of the schmoozer’s”, move of having the bartender rustle up cocktails for each of the women was hastily followed by the others guys feeding them fruit and icecream.

Tom upped the ante with breakfast in bed for each of the ladies the following morning. Dave’s face betrayed his shock at being “out-Daved” and he was prompted to write and sing a “tribute” song, with the three other guys providing red-faced backing vocals.
Thankfully tactics dictated that Dave was not on the chopping block this week or the ladies might have pitched him out of the hotel for the song alone.

5. Spring Chicken

Race To The Altar took another dip into Fear Factor/Dog Eat Dog territory for their physical challenge this week.

Suspended on a huge metal, four-armed structure above an expanse of water, the remaining couples had to alternate jumping over one revolving padded arm and ducking under another.

As one by one the contestants quickly fell, Ethan and Chris stayed balanced for 35 minutes of synchronised jumping and ducking, before Chris took a tumble into the water.

In a contest that looked to clearly favour the younger-fitter males, oldest contestant Ethan, then went on to out last Andree in the final, to win the first all-important "power couple" position.

He might later come to regret that he didn't celebrate the win by persuading "power couple" number two, Andree and Tonya to boot Susan and Coyt out of the competition.

4. Bullseye.

Evidently, Justin really was the brains of the “Three Stooges” alliance on Big Brother.
Not content with becoming the first contestant to win HOH twice this season, Jee decided to take a bribe to win the Golden Power of Veto, condemning his fellow houseguests to a week of peanut butter and jelly in the process.
Even though his HOH status allowed him to eat food, he also went on to win the luxury competition, a weeks worth of McDonalds lunches. To round off his week in charge, the two admitted “floaters”, Ali and Jun banded together to ensure his bid to oust Erika was unsuccessful, just as it was the last time he nominated her for eviction.
When Robert failed to win HOH on Wednesday, he simultaneously painted the final brush-stroke to the huge target on Jee’s back.

3. The Little Mouse That Roared.

She has the most vocal of panic attacks, refuses to eat the food and is convinced that a statue holds the key to winning the $1m on The Family, but this week Dawn- Marie bit back.

The mere sight of the strait jacket she needed to don in order to participate in the bizarre elimination game threatened to send her into palpitations.
Not only did she wear it, she also went on to beat out three strong opponents to win the challenge and the right to decide who should face the board of Trustees and possible elimination from the game.

She selected Cousin Ed and decided Uncle Michael should finally have to take his long-overdue turn have his fate in the game decided by the Board, who took the opportunity to deny him access to the prize.
She took the path that, for all his big talk, Cousin Robert failed to tread the week before and finally earned the respect of the viewers and most of her family.

2. Cupid's Outrageous Arrow

On this week's Cupid, Lisa Shannon got to meet the remaining guys' families. She seemed to coast through the ordeal with her usual bland grace. She smiled prettily, gave hugs on demand and generally mingled.

Then came Robert, the Austrian fitness model and creepy suitor. The budget doesn't allow him to whisk Lisa off to meet his real family in Europe, so a group of mostly male friends will have to do.

Robert picks this occasion to get "up close and personal" with Lisa and demands to know why she thinks he's so weird. Lisa is taken aback and counters with the fact that he doesn't know anything about her family because he's never even asked, and that he doesn't let her finish talking without interrupting her. She cannot finish that thought, before Robert does it again, he slices Lisa off in mid-word.

When the footage is seen and evaluated by Lisa and her panel of sadists, Laura and Kim, Lisa puts that huge laminated smile on her face and says that the date was terrific because she and Robert finally had a breakthrough and she felt very good about that.

1. Which Way To The Dump?

His reintroduction to our screens last week was as under-whelming as viewers have come to expect any move involving Rob Campos to be.
Erin appears to have been playing for money rather than love from the moment she laid eyes on Rob, yet guilt pangs at previously rejecting him seemed to dictate her decision to let him stay in the “game” another week on For Love or Money 2.

Rob waited eagerly for his turn to be told his fate.
His face descended from a smile to a frown, just as Wade’s did the opposite.
Even though she knows he would likely choose her over the money, Erin cut Rob loose for what she clearly hoped was the final time.
You might want to have a T.R.O. drawn up just in case he decides three times is a charm, Erin.

Thanks so much to the writers who contributed this week. In REVERSE alphabetical order, they are: fluff, Firegirl, CaliGirl and Cali