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Thread: Arlington: First Road 11/02/02

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    I finally saw the last half of this episode, and Doug's room looked a lot better on the show than it does to me in the before/after gallery. It truly would have looked nicer with a darker floor, though. I've always liked blue and brown together, so I very much liked his color scheme idea (but the valance looked rather purple to me).

    Hilde's room was so awful. I generally don't like rooms where the bedspread and the wallpaper and the curtains are all the same pattern, and that's exactly what she did here. It looked cheap and rushed and looked ridiculous with their colonial looking furniture.

    Yes, I agree, the Doug hissy fit seemed totally scripted and staged.

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    Originally posted by katiecoolady

    Sadly, alot of the viewership are people hoping for a bad room, a confrontation between HO's and designer, between HO's themselves at the end, between designers and carpenters etc. Much like some people go to the races to see crashes.

    Heh, that would be me. But part of the blame has to be put on the producers for allowing the "designers" to get away with some of the utter crap they pull off.

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    About what you would expect for a show with Hilde and Doug. Two horrible rooms. The Tiffany room did look like a two year old painted it. They could have done the same color scheme with stripes or something, but the freeform monstrositys
    Doug, well its a tiny room and the whole thing was dark.Not the most horrible thing he's done, but not in my house...

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