HOLLYWOOD, California (Reuters) -- Memo to Deborah Gibson, Gerardo and any former New Kid on the Block not named Donnie: Call your agents -- now.

Fox is developing a summer reality series that would give washed-up pop idols a chance to kick-start their careers. The show, tentatively titled "Second Chance," would mix the retro appeal of VH1's "Behind the Music" with the talent show and audience interaction elements of Fox's "American Idol."

Fox reality programming chief Mike Darnell said he came up with the idea while in Las Vegas taping an "Idol" concert special.

"I began thinking about the celebrity version of shows like 'Fear Factor,' and I realized that the appeal of these shows for viewers is watching celebs trying to reinvent themselves," Darnell said. "I thought, why couldn't you take people who've had their shots at fame and give them a chance to come back again?"

Details of the project are still being worked out, but the ex-stars would have to subject themselves to singing before judges and accepting the verdict of viewers. "Idol's" Simon Fuller and his 19 Entertainment will produce the skein.

Good news for Samantha "Touch Me" Fox and members of Kajagoogoo: Fuller may try to launch the show first in the U.K. before bowing in the U.S.