Medical Reality for Roseanne
2 hours, 53 minutes ago

By Bridget Byrne

Reality has sidelined Roseanne Barr.

The 50-year-old funny lady, back in the headlines with the recent debut of her ABC reality show The Real Roseanne Show, which documents her efforts to create a cooking and lifestyle show for ABC Family Channel called Domestic Goddess, will put her work on hold to enter the hospital next week for a hysterectomy.

As far as we know, the operation will not be seen on TV.

The hospitalization will also not affect The Real Roseanne. The ABC series, which debuted with rather unhealthy ratings, attracting just 5.5 million viewers as only the 59th ranked show last week, has already completed filming. But Barr's procedure will temporarily shut down production on Domestic Goddess, which may delay the cable cooking show's planned September 20 debut.

"It's premature to determine if this will impact on the premiere," says a spokesperson for R.J. Cutler, Barr's coproducer, "but obviously our first concern in Roseanne's health."

An assistant for Barr tells the Associated Press that there was nothing "life-threatening" about the medical treatment which comes a week after Roseanne under went tests. The comedian's assistant says Barr is a "real healthy" person who probably will recover quickly.

At the Television Critics Press tour last month, Barr, who was chunky in her prime Roseanne days, was complimented on her relatively slender appearance by one reporter, who said, "Not to suck up or anything, but you look pretty great."

"Oh, you're nice," the star responded. "Thanks." When asked to explain what she had been doing to keep in shape, she joked, "Well, I had my entire digestive system removed."

Now, if nothing else, she's going to have a whole 'nother part of her anatomy to joke about, or not.