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Thread: First U.S.-Based Spanish Reality Show

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    First U.S.-Based Spanish Reality Show

    Dont know if there will be any interest in t his board, but Telemundo, t he nations second largest Spanish language TV network (which recently was bought by NBC - which also bought Bravo) will soon premiere its first Spanish-language reality show with a Hispanic flair.

    Its called La Cencienta and commercials for this original programming are already airing.

    One of the unique aspects of the show - or as you may call it 'a twist' - is that the woman whom the suitors are competing for is a single mother with a little daughter... So the guys will need to be prepared to become an instant family.

    Let the romance

    and the games


    en espanol

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    Here's an initial press release on the show and its contestant. Hey, even if you dont habla espanol, you can tune in to see hunky Latin guys. NBC (with its own network, Bravo and Telemundo) really seems to want to own the reality genre:


    BURBANK, Calif. -- June 23, 2003 -- Telemundo Network announced the start of production on “La Cenicienta” (“Cinderella”), a nightly reality love story for primetime starring Eva Tamargo Lemus from NBC’s “Passions” and produced by Galán Entertainment.

    The one-hour series is a love story featuring 23-year-old Minerva Ruvalcaba, a real-life Cinderella who is living out a once in a lifetime opportunity to find her Prince Charming from among 20 handsome suitors vying for her hand. And, like many Latin ladies, Ruvalcaba will not choose her Mr. Right without the help of her family, her friends, an astrologer and a very real priest, el Padre Alberto. “La Cenicienta’s” host is Tamargo Lemus), who portrays Ruvalcaba’s “Madrina” (or godmother) and confidante, who also plays a vital role in the final decision.

    "We congratulate Eva on her new endeavor," says Senior Vice President, Daytime Programs NBC, Sheraton Kalouria. "This extraordinary Latina will bring the same excellence to her work in Spanish for Telemundo that she brings to her central role on NBC's ‘Passions.’"

    “I am very excited to be working on ‘La Cenicienta’,” says executive producer Nely Galán. “The series will play like a telenovela, meaning it will air nightly and have a story arc. I love the idea of combining a very Latino format like the telenovela with the reality genre. It’s a new twist on reality programming.”

    “Telemundo is delighted to be working with Galán Entertainment,” says Jim McNamara, President & CEO of Telemundo. “The company has been a supplier of groundbreaking programming in the past and we look forward to another success with ‘La Cenicienta.’”

    Ruvalcaba is a beautiful Mexican-American from Houston, Texas and so far, her success at romance has been dubious at best. Her mother, who is also named Minerva, thinks her daughter does not have good judgment when it comes to men and that’s why the family has to step in to help her find her Prince Charming.

    Finding Mr. Right, however, will be the toughest carriage-ride of her life since, for the first time, a melting pot of men with different nationalities and cultures, including an Anglo-American, is coming together to compete for love. “La Cenicienta” is a true representation of American diversity and the issues that come up between the suitors and the family include, racism, religious differences, class issues and machismo.

    As “La Cenicienta,” Ruvalcaba sets on a journey of passion, conflict, humor and cultural differences as she narrows the field down to that last, lucky Prince Charming. But at the end of the road, she reveals her big secret in a surprise ending which will definitely alter her newfound relationship.

    “La Cenicienta” features:

    Young Ruvalcaba, who was raised just across the Mexican border in Matamoros, Mexico. Her father is a businessman, her mother is a housewife and she has four brothers.

    Ruvalcaba’s mother (Minerva Ruvalcaba)

    Also named Minerva, Cinderella’s 53-year-old mother, is a warm, loving and opinionated woman. She talks openly about her four sons and thinks her daughter has no luck in the romance department. “She’s chosen two losers so far, I hope she can find Mr. Right.”

    La Madrina (the godmother)

    Tamargo Lemus participates in La Cenicienta as Rubalcaba’s Madrina (godmother), as well as her mentor and confidante. Tamargo Lemus portrays Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning daytime drama “Passions.” A native of Brooklyn, New York, Tamargo Lemus studied acting in New York under the guidance of Sam Waterston, William Hickey and Dorothy Dorff. Her theater credits include "Don Juan," "Rake of Seville," "Yerma," "Kennedy’s Children," and "Shadow Box." A multi-cultural performer, her film credits include "El Magnate," "Marla Elena" and "El Silencio De Neto." She appeared in USA Network’s "Sins of the City," and "Fortune Hunter" for Fox TV. Lemus’ film credits include Oliver Stone’s "Any Given Sunday" and "Random Hearts" with Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas.


    Ruvalcaba’s opinionated best friend is living her own Cinderella story. She came to the U.S. from Honduras and began cleaning houses to support herself and her baby. One of her clients, Thomas Lee, fell in love with her and they got married. She is expecting their first child. She worries about Minerva and thinks Minerva has to get real about the type of guys she needs to attract.


    Ruvalcaba’s childhood friend is a beautiful Mexican-American Internet consultant from Houston. Karla is a fiery redhead with strong ideas about the ideal man.

    Leandro “Chacho” Ruvalcaba (“Cenicienta’s” Father)

    Chacho is a very conservative businessman from Matamoros, Mexico. He is 57 years old and is strong and protective of his only daughter, who is his favorite.

    Sergio Ruvalcaba (Cenicienta’s Brother, 28 years old)

    A brother who had difficulties in his teenaged years, Sergio is married and now is a father. He is Ruvalcaba’s biggest supporter and protector. He wants to see his baby sister settle down with a decent man.



    Alonso, Lazaro 27 Cuban-American Marketing Consultant

    Biezonsky, Daniel 24 Jewish Mexican Engineer

    Borques, Edwin 30 Ecuador Scriptwriter

    Campos, Luis 27 Costa Rican Finance Director

    Coppola, Bernardo 22 Argentina Student/Actor

    Dugan, Joseph 30 Anglo-American Post Production/Editor

    Fernandez, Alfredo 26 Mexican-American Financial Analyst/Singer

    Huesca, Guillermo 35 Mexican TV Host/Announcer

    Javier, Francisco 32 Salvadoran-Mexican Business Owner

    Jose Rafael 27 Puerto Rican Writer/Producer

    Llobet, Alejandro 29 Spanish Bartender

    Martinez, Andres 24 Colombian Architect Student

    Martinez, Johnny 27 Cuban-American Scuba Diver

    Medrano, Paul 27 Mexican-American Personal Trainer

    Ortiz, Roberto 27 Mexican-American Model/Singer

    Pack, Ramon 30 Mexican-Cuban-Korean Lawyer

    Palma, Pablo 26 Mexican-American School Teacher

    Pou, Michael 29 Cuban-American Administrative Asst.

    Rodriguez, Fabian 26 Colombian Flight Attendant

    Vallarino, Hernan 26 Uruguay Singer

    “La Cenicienta” is produced by Galán Entertainment and executive produced by Nely Galán and Danila Koverman, one of the original creators of the Style Network and a key player in the launches of E! News Daily and Extra. Producers are Hugo Arenas, Ada Gorn, Guille Magana and Tod Schellinger.

    Fashions for “La Cenicienta” are provided exclusively by TADASHI of Tadashi Shoji & Associates, Inc., an internationally renowned and award-winning designer. Tadashi, who is the Official Designer and Sponsor of NBC’s Miss Universe Pageant, is based in Los Angeles, manufacturing better dresses and luxury eveningwear that are sold in fine department stores and specialty boutiques worldwide. For information, go to www.tadashicollection.com. In addition, resort wear for “La Cenicienta’s” suitors is provided by Papi Sportswear.

    Founded in 1994 by Galán as a multifaceted production company dedicated to producing Latino-themed and urban content, Galán Entertainment has worked with such companies as Fox, MGM, Sony and TCI. Currently, the company’s slate includes reality and fiction TV shows and films, targeting a commercial, mainstream multi-ethnic audience. Clients include WB Network, ABC, Hallmark Entertainment, Sony, MTV and Telemundo.

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    Boston Sinclair, when is this show scheduled to air?

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    The show starts in the beginning of September.

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    The show is scheduled to begin on Sept 8 on Telemundo

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    Thanks Boston Sinclair

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    Biezonsky, Daniel 24 Jewish Mexican Engineer

    It may be prejudging what I know about a nation, but it's suprising to me to read "Jewish Mexican"

    Ortiz, Roberto 27 Mexican-American Model/Singer

    Even Telemundo is going for the model/singer :rolleyes

    Jose Rafael 27 Puerto Rican Writer/Producer

    I wonder where he's a writer/producer

    Huesca, Guillermo 35 Mexican TV Host/Announcer

    That really suprises me. It seems odd that they would alloow someone who is somewhat established in the business to be a contestant

    Sounds like an interesting concept with her having a daughter
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Judiasm is a religion

    Well let me educate you a little bit. Judiasm is a religion; Mexican is a nationality. There are Jews in every part of the world - there are Jews in Latin America as much as there are in Europe and Asia - Yes there are Chinese Jews - There are even kosher Chinese restaurants (where I live in Atlanta, theres even a kosher Chinese takeout place inside a Kroger grocery store).

    I am Cuban/Jewish also known as "Jewban" -- Both my parents were Jewish - my mom was born in Cuba to parents of Eastern European descent; my dad also was of Eastern European descent but was an orphan at age 8 and eventually ended up in Cuba. My family lived there till Castro came to power and thats when many of the "Jewbans" left for the US --- They had already been around for the Nazis and were not going to stick around and see it happen again so they left everything they had in Cuba (many of them were well off) and came to the US (a majority to Miami but also to other locations throughout the country and the East Coast) with the clothes on their backs, no money --- having to start from scratch - often with no education and no language. M y dad for example never even graduated high school due to the circumstances of his growing up, yet spoke 8 languages and ended up more financially successful than I will ever be - raised 3 kids and ended up supporting 7 people since my maternal grandparents lived with us. They originally all lived in a one bedroom apartment.

    I grew up speaking Spanish - in fact it was my first language while growing up but I eventually learned English of course and even Hebrew.

    So there are Jews in Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Puerto Rico etc etc -- wherever you can imagine.

    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    Biezonsky, Daniel 24 Jewish Mexican Engineer

    It may be prejudging what I know about a nation, but it's suprising to me to read "Jewish Mexican"

    Ortiz, Roberto 27 Mexican-American Model/Singer

    Even Telemundo is going for the model/singer :rolleyes

    Jose Rafael 27 Puerto Rican Writer/Producer

    I wonder where he's a writer/producer

    Huesca, Guillermo 35 Mexican TV Host/Announcer

    That really suprises me. It seems odd that they would alloow someone who is somewhat established in the business to be a contestant

    Sounds like an interesting concept with her having a daughter

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    By the way, one of the big stars of UNIVISION and the host of SABADO GIGANTE is a Latin American Jew (Don Francisco)

    Also Mauricio Zeilig who is an entertainment reporter/gossip anchor etc on Telemundo is also a Cuban Jew

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    Inside Move: NBC to promo Telemundo
    'Amor,' 'Cenicienta' get sisterly network boost

    NBC en Espanol? The Peacock will air two promos in primetime next Monday hyping series from hermana Spanish-lingo net Telemundo.
    The spots, for Telemundo's "Amor Descarado" and "La Cenicienta," will air Aug. 25 during episodes of "Fear Factor" and "For Love or Money."

    Peacock hopes to use the mothership to lend some buzz to the two Telemundo shows' Sept. 8 launch, much like NBC has helped jumpstart sister cabler Bravo in recent weeks.

    The cross-promotion also reps the first major splash for Telemundo since the web's marketing was integrated this summer under the NBC Agency, the Peacock's advertising arm. The NBC Agency handled all of Telemundo's fall marketing for the first time.

    "We're trying to bring the same weight of NBC behind Telemundo as we did with Bravo, to show that Telemundo is as important to us at NBC as any other property," said Peacock entertainment prexy Jeff Zucker. "Obviously we understand it can't have the same impact, given the language difference. But there are some people who watch both NBC and Telemundo."

    The Telemundo spots will air in a mix of English and Spanish, with subtitles underneath clips of the two shows.

    Zucker said NBC research determined that some of its highest concentration of Spanish-language crossover auds tuned into "Fear Factor" and "For Love or Money," hence the placement.

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