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Thread: Reality Gets Facelift with 'Supermodel'

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    Reality Gets Facelift with 'Supermodel'

    From Yahoo! News Variety:

    By Melissa Grego

    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Add supermodel to the list of dream jobs reality television is promising its viewers.

    UPN has given an eight-episode midseason order to an hourlong reality series tentatively titled "Supermodel," with Tyra Banks serving as an executive producer and judge.

    The project joins a growing roster of talent search series that have emerged since Fox garnered summer success with "American Idol." Already in the works: an update of "Star Search," as well as searches for country music stars, comedy stars, action film stars and candidates for the presidency of the United States.

    "'Supermodel' offers a twist on the reality genre and is a perfect fit for UPN and our audience," said Dawn Ostroff, UPN's president of entertainment. "The series combines the excitement of competition and the real-life drama of people pursing their dreams."

    Added Banks: "With 'Supermodel,' I want to demystify the glamour and show the challenges and hard work of becoming a supermodel, but in a humorously hip and edgy way."

    Banks is known largely for her work in the Victoria's Secret campaigns as well as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit special issue.

    The series will feature a nationwide talent search for eight contenders who believe they can make it in the modeling world. Participants will live together as they vie in weekly tests for a modeling contract. A panel of experts, comprised of agency representatives, photographers, fashion magazine editors and Banks, will oversee the competitions.

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    Sorry... I just have no interest in this... does that make me a bad fan of reality tv?
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    This doesn't really appeal to me either.
    I might give it a look depending on what it's up against.
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