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    FM Nation

    After my Real World Show ends, another reality show MTV introduced "FM Nation" comes on after......I actually sat thru one cause it featured a segment that caught my intrest.....If you guys havent heard of this show it follows these sets of people doing whatevers on a saturday night...The episode I saw was in Little Rock, AK and had the 2 girls, 1 is a race car driver and the other girl enters a beauty pagent....Then the others are these bunch of guys who decides to stake out a well known haunted abandoned facility...And the others were these gay twinks where 1 drsses up in drag and enters a drag competition.......
    FM Nation overall is an ok show, I would only watch if there was somethin that would make me watch the program...

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    I think I saw this once... If I did I guess it didn't make a big impression
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