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Thread: News: BB Africa cancelled

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    Quote Originally Posted by haejin11377
    Really? How unfair.
    Indeed, unfair...why don't we boycott BB until they show it 24/7 on TV!!

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    my friend got back from south africa and she said it was on 24/7-sheesh a BB channel

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    Quote Originally Posted by justin2kelly
    Indeed, unfair...why don't we boycott BB until they show it 24/7 on TV!!
    Oh my goodness, can you imagine the egos in the house if those guys thought they were being watched 24/7 on TV??

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    Court lifts Malawi's 'Big Brother' ban

    Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/s926034.htm

    Court lifts Malawi's 'Big Brother' ban

    Last Update: Sunday, August 17, 2003. 7:37am (AEST)

    Malawi's High Court has quashed a parliamentary ban on Big Brother Africa.

    The reality TV show has raised eyebrows across the continent.

    It is the latest of the worldwide Big Brother series, which takes groups of ordinary people, locks them in a house for months and broadcasts almost their every move.

    Parliamentary officials said parents had complained about boozing and sexual shenanigans on the series and most Malawians felt it might encourage immoral behaviour.

    But lawyer Noel Chalamanda said Parliament had overstepped its mandate when it banned the show on August 5.

    He said it had denied Malawians their right to free information and participation in cultural issues of their choice.

    Malawi Television director general Benson Tembo says the broadcaster will consult with its board before deciding whether to air the show, which has shocked many conservative viewers.

    Malawi - a deeply conservative southern African country of 10.6 million people - had a representative in the Big Brother house in South Africa.

    But viewers complained he was dull and evicted him six weeks ago. The show is now on day 83 out of 106.

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