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Thread: Changing Room - 100 Episodes

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    Changing Room - 100 Episodes

    Changing Rooms has recently celebrated it's 100th episode in the UK.

    Here are the thoughts of some of the stars of the show.


    From BBC.co/uk

    There are so many happy memories over the last 100 shows - bossing the navy around, breaking teapots, creating "whore's palaces", but by far the best moment was watching Andy push Laurence into a pool and seeing Laurence trying to keep his new boots out of the water whilst drowning - a classic!"

    "Well I've now discovered one of the toughest briefs imaginable is designing a room for a friend (on the 100th episode) without being able to run it past them first. It was a great two days mind you, lots of fun, lots of sun and if nothing else an opportunity to spend 48 hours with the wife - a rare thing these days."

    "It's been incredible to work on a show that has an impact on people's lives in such a profound way. Design is now accessible to everyone, not those with lots of cash and I am immensely proud of that."

    "My favourite moment on Changing Rooms has to be when I pushed Laurence in the pool. My only regret was not holding him down!"

    "I have huge fun on all of the shows except the one with the two women who didn't enter into the true spirit and were a little too serious. If you see the show regularly you'll know which one I mean.

    The show that sticks in my mind most is Doncaster with two of the most colourful characters I've ever met in my life. They were fantastic and we all laughed so much I had to stop to draw breath."

    " I'll never forget my first Changing Rooms episode. I was quite nervous about being the new girl on the block and was standing behind the door when the contestants were shown their finished room. When I heard the words "what a load of s**t" I wasn't sure whether to run out then or later.

    I went and sat outside and heard Laurence come gliding across. I had tears in my eyes. Laurence sat down beside me and said "Don't worry darling it will make you famous." I felt better instantly and have to say I have never worked with a more welcoming group of designers"

    "The words nerve wracking do not even come close to describing the horror I felt whilst watching the black lacquer I had painted onto a floor stubbornly refuse to dry. The phrase " about as interesting as watching paint dry" took new heights but surprisingly made compelling television. It all happened way back in 1996 during the programme's first series and my debut on it.

    Six years and thirteen series later I'm left with fond memories of the fascinating and friendly characters I've met along the way, not to mention the professionalism and enthusiasm of the behind the camera team.

    My proudest moment was having a finished room that met with the wholehearted approval of no less than 14 Buddhist monks- that was a moment of total job satisfaction - long may they continue"
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