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Thread: Hot New TV Network Game - Cash Prizes - Join Now

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    Hot New TV Network Game - Cash Prizes - Join Now

    **NOTE** If a mod or admin considers this an ad, I deeply apologize. Since this is TV related (but not in the sense that this is the wrong thread), I thought it would be a good fit. Plus, I'm currently not running my eNz ads on the site for the game, so it's not like I profit.

    Network Showdown (a service from eNewsZone) is getting underway. The game basically challenges you to run a TV Network made up of user-written shows. It will be very detailed, featuring agents, show "legal ratings", actors, budgets, ratings and so much more. I can't reveal my entire idea YET, because I need to protect myself legally.

    You can currently pick a network to run on http://www.enewszone.com/showdown . After that, I'll begin taking applications for shows, and will work on the full version of the website.

    The best network at the end of the two-three-month term (highest ratings, most profit) will get a $150 prize. The most successful show writer will also get that prize.

    Hopefully, some of you are interested in this game.

    Send your network selection to apply@enewszone.com, and also hit me up if you're looking to write a show!

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    we generally allow one ad per poster. There are exceptions. I did move it out of general discussion though... no TV related stuff there please.
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