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Thread: Top Ten Moments In Reality TV July 18-25

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    Top Ten Moments In Reality TV July 18-25

    Can you believe it is already time for another Top Ten Moments in Reality TV? Weeks are flying by and the shows are bountiful. I hope you all enjoy our latest offering of memorable moments. Take a minute and enjoy the readÖ

    10. No, itís not the WWE

    When the competition was heightened on this weeks For Love Or Money II by a million dollar bounty on Erin's affections, (not to mention the evening's trip to the hot tub with Erin) the remaining bachelors worked off some testosterone in an early a.m. wrestling competition.

    After being worked over in a mattress-throwing smack down worthy of WWF's pay-per-view, Wade was relieved to survive the next evening's elimination ceremony in which For Love or Money 2's spurned suitors must return their engraved silver rings.

    Not for the money, not for the wont of Erin's affection - but to spare him the embarrassment of being unable to pull the ring over fight-swollen knuckles.

    9.. Judgment Dana

    Alliances, sub-allainces and counter alliances have all formed on Big Brother.
    The only thing all sides can agree on is that they don't like Dana and want her out of the house.

    Jee passed up the opportunity to do them all a favour by nominating her. Despite his reassurance to her to the contrary, he would have nominated her if only David had used the "Power Of Veto".

    As so often happens, Dana went from public enemy number one, to Head of Household and used her temporary power to nominate two members of her original alliance.

    8. Cordon Blech.

    Rocco DiSpirito was a man under a cloud.
    With only a few weeks to go until opening his new restaurant, he didn't even have any premises.
    His publicist was working to a strict timetable though and set him up with an appearance on a radio station to discuss his latest venture.

    In order to test his culinary prowess, the dj's dispatched him to the lunch room to rustle up a dish from the contents of their vending machine.

    He combined Trail Mix, Skittles and M&M's, but what set this meal apart from what any five year old on November 1st could create, was his addition of a sauce made through the skillful blending of a cup of coffee and a Ring Ding.

    Rocco did find a "space", and "Rocco's" was opening for business as this episode of The Restaurant closed.
    You might want to try and sneak a quick look at a menu before making a reservation though.

    7. Who Wants to Marry My Money?

    This week, Christy showed her true colors, and it's apparently green. With dollar signs in her eyes, I think she'd be hard-pressed to even remember Dad's name at this point. During this week's episode of Who Wants To Marry My Dad, she asked Dad to take her for a drive in his sports car, take her sailing on his boat, and got snippy when Joanne was selected for the after-dinner drink in Dad's study. When asked if she could drive a stick, her answer of "I learned on one" wins the "double-entendre of the night" award. Dad, a word of warning: pre-nup required if your kids pick Christy!

    6. Pinot Cooties

    "The Restaurant" was going to be opening within days and the staff was all ears as they were being coached by Mama DiSpirito, Chef Rocco and Fred, the Wine Director.

    This was going to be fun. Fred made a grand entrance by shaking a bottle of wine that would have given any self-respecting grape nightmares. He told them never to shake a wine bottle. Point taken. Then he gathered the staff around the table in order to teach them the finer points of the "Swish, swallow or spit" technique.

    Everyone seemed to 'get it' but some of them had a few too many "swallows" when they should have been "spitting" and the party really got started. One of the Wait Staff volunteered to drink the "Spit Bucket" while the others placed bets on whether he would actually go through with it.

    He picked up the bucket, which was actually a beer pitcher, and proceeded to down the entire amount of disgusting Spitwine -- vintage unknown. He quickly collected his winnings before he passed out.

    What a way to make an impression on your first few days at the job!

    5. I Will NOT Lose To HER!

    The rivalry between Kelly & Jon and Millie & Chuck heated up this week on The Amazing Race. Still alive thanks to a timely non elimination round, Kelly & Jon got off to a slow start. After immediately getting lost on their way to the Detour, the two decided their only hope of survival was the Fast Forward. Only problem was, Reichen & Chip had gotten it first. Kelly & Jon, gracious players as ever, found a way to blame that on Millie & Chuck. It seemed hopeless for the team that everyone loves to hate.

    Litte did they know Millie & Chuck were encountering problems of their own. Millie's poor naviagational skills caused the team to pass the Roadblock and lose 2 hours. That was just enough time for Kelly & Jon to catch up as the two teams met at the Roadblock.

    On a wild ride to the Pit Stop, the two teams were neck and neck and it appeared it may come down to a foot race. Millie & Chuck were the last team to arrive and their race, and possibly relationship, was over.

    4. Who Won this Stinker Anyway?

    Well it was the finale of Fame this week.
    Was there baited breath and thousands of insane fans backing their favorite?
    Did anyone write to FCC to complain about bad sound?
    Did anyone even watch?
    No on all accounts. The winner was Harlemm Lee aka Gerry Woo who lied about his age and experience to get in the show. Having totally blocked out his former life , he gleefully told us he was looking forward to putting out a record.I wonder if he will dust off the old ones when he puts out his greatest hits album in a year.
    The worst thing was , when the winner was announced , Johnny Wright (his manager in waiting) , insisted on taking number 2 Shannon Bex as well.Winning isn't really winning when they take who they wanted to win anyway.
    Sorry Harlemm , you've been had...
    (But then so was the audience for this mess)

    3. Tara Force it.

    Newcomer Tara had the perfect opportunity to bust up the in-crowd at Paradise Hotel this week.

    She made an alliance with Charla and Dave, the outsiders, to keep Amanda in the game and send one of the Toni/Kristin/Amy clique home.

    All was working well, until Amanda selected Beau as her roommate for the week, the guy Tara was most attracted too.

    With the alliance forgotten, Tara swooped in and claimed her man. Amanda left the hotel and Beau in tears.
    Tara was there to "comfort" him in their shared room..and climb on top of him, and kiss him and tear off his t-shirt...

    2. Year Of The Underdog.

    Last week on Last Comic Standing, the old guard was gunning for Dat Phan.
    Every other comic took their turn in the photo booth to declare "I know I'm funnier than Dat", the audience begged to differ which led to the demise of Dave Mordal.
    This week the rules changed. Geoff Brown was challenged, but in a twist, the comics who had lost the previous challenges were bought back to decide who should oppose Geoff.

    Again the unanimous decision was Dat Phan and even though Cory Kahaney was convinced that 15 years in the business would beat 2 years in the business, again he won the audience vote.

    Just goes to show you really shouldn't be so impressed with length.

    1. Primate Picnic

    After making the wrong turn on The Amazing Race this week, Chip and Reichen chose to do this week's Fast Forward. They drove over 100 miles to the Sepiloc Orangutan Sanctuary, where they would feed four pieces of durian fruit to a few orangutans. Though they were racing, they gently approached the silent primates, no insistence or force-feeding. Chip kneeled. One orangutan unabashedly took the fruit from his hands. This act set a precedent for the other orangutans, who consequently dropped their hesitancy toward the camera-shadowed duo. Reichen held the hand of one orangutan and said that it felt like a human hand. They sweetly interacted with their mammalian look-alikes--not much separating them but for some fur and that little matter of walking upright. Chip and Reichen left with the regret they couldn't remain at Sepiloc all week. No ook-ooks from the banana gallery nor loud teammate infighting--it was a unique moment of tenderness and tranquility, a break from the typical adrenal stimulations of The Amazing Race.

    Since orangutan mothers can only give birth once every eight or nine years and since orangutans are killed by poachers and traded illegally, they are on the endangered species list. To learn more about them and to help protect them, visit http://www.orangutansonline.com/ or http://www.spca.bc.ca/orangutn.htm

    We would like to thank the following writers for contributing this week. As always they are listed in alphabetical order: Bumpkin, CaliGirl, eny, fluff, John, Miss Filangi, Shayla

    And because we sound up with an extra moment, that I thought was worth including itís time for a BONUS moment!!

    Positively Giddy Ėon

    With the wheels of his publicity machine in full motion, Rocco DiSpirito was given a brief couple of minutes on The Today Show to announce an open staff call for his new restaurant.

    Responding to the call, enthusiastic young Gideon took his place on line. More accurately, he was the line, having chosen to turn up 26 hours early.
    Rocco presented him with a steak dinner, complete with wine, served on a silver tray to fortify him for the night ahead.
    Rocco greeted him with a hug the following morning, when the line he had started was now stretching round the block and Gideon was still in good spirits.

    He went on to win Rocco over with his personality and found his way onto the staff rosta.
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Just found this thread and have to say...I love it!

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