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Thread: Pop Idol 2!!!

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    Pop Idol 2!!!

    OK I know a lot of you wont care about this whatsoever,but Pop Idol2 is back!Simons back and on all the previews and commercials hes saying he'll be expecting a hell of a lot of people who are exceptionally good.
    Apparently,theyve already seen 1000 people and Simon is only impressed with 5 of them! oh dear!
    This year is going to be changed a bit,we're going to have the wildcard show this year!Thank god for that!Last time we just had 5 weeks of top 2 people going through,which meant that others wouldnt have a chance at all.Which really is a shame since there was a girl who came in 4th her group,but Simon was gutted she didnt get through and so gave her a recording contract once it was finished!But her group had the best people in it though,which is exactly why a wildcard show is needed!Imagine if Clay never got it!
    OH I really cant wait intil August 9th when it first airs!Theres a rival show on just now too,Fame Academy which Im sure has been mentioned a lot on here.Its nowhere near as good in terms of viewers,but FA develops songwriters who perform their own songs,which I suppose is one advantage.But its so not as good as Pop Idol.
    Wether or not people on here want to know about it or not,Im gonna keep posting info on it anyway! Mwa ha ha ha!!!
    I really hope US gets shown it too,like UK did with AI!

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    starry night
    does anyone know if the US will get Pop Idol? if so anyone know the channel?

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    No, the US will not get Pop Idol. And we won't be covering it here.

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    Danny - who are the judges? I heard a rumour sometime back about Marti Pellow (ex Wet Wet Wet)?

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    Judges are - simon,who is like the unofficial main judge(like AI),Pete waterman who signed up Kylie Minogue but he is an old man now,but still him and Simon are so funny when they fight.Petes critical comments are sometimes as bad as Simon,but nowhere near his nastiness.Anyway,Pete gets too emotionally involved with the finalists.
    Nikki Chapman,was one of the PRs behind Spice Girls and a few other big UK acts that you wouldnt have heard of.Nikki is so cool,her comments are always so fair and unbiased,as she always states a positive before saying if it was good or not.Paula tried (unintentionally)to be like her,but came off a bit too nicey nice and went over the top as she wouldnt really say anything bad,but Nikki does do it in a way thats fair and wise,all the contestants loved Nikki.
    Theres also Foxy(neil fox)who is just a radio DJ but I really dont think he has a point on the show at all.He doesnt give opinions at all ,he just states the obvious like "God isnt that a good song","or everyones been good tonight"I think producers just put him there to make up the number of judges,but in US it worked great with only 3 judges,so I think Foxy should be off the panel.

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    Oh that reminds me,Im not sure about Marti Pellow,maybe theyll put him in the finals as a celebrity judge 1 week,but on the rival show Fame Academy,one of the main judges(well they get called teachers)is Robin Gibb!
    Just now on FA its deciding the 12 who go into the academy,so its like the 4 weeks AI had ,and right now,Robin seems so unimpressed with majority of people.I remember how blown away he was on the final4 night,but maybe itll get better for him as the 12 are in the Academy.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I thought he'd disappeared of the face of the earth and took Stock and Aitken with him.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    me too Fluff...stock aitken waterman go back years! Getting back to celeb judges for this - I doubt Marti P will appear - his mum (very sadly) has cancer (apparantly) and I know his own tour/album have been postponed...or so the grapevine says....
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    OK,Pop Idol starts tomorrow night and I CANT WAIT!
    Theres been publicity for it EVERYWHERE!
    Apparently Simon has only seen about 9 people who he is really impressed with.this year,1 of the biggest attractions will be a girl called Nicola Gates.She is the little sister of last series runner up Gareth and she is set to create attention for it.I read or heard somewhere that in London (the Glendale equivalent)Simon confessed that 1 day when she wasnt up to her best,it was enough to eliminate her,but because of the publicity she was kept on.
    Theres going to be a documentary following Simon in US over the past 18 months which is called Simon Cowell:Below The Belt,which should reveal a lot of behind the scenes of AI,so I m excited for that!Its on straight after the actual show.
    In a magazine I read that there are going to be a whole 24 WEEKS of Pop Idol this year.Thats right 24!
    5 weeks of open auditions episodes (AI2 had 3)
    1 London callbacks episode (Glendale )
    5 weeks of groups of 10 where 2 get through (AI2 had 4)
    1 wildcard week (well Im not 100% positive but there is a week with no title straight after the 5 weeks - so that should mean 10 get through and there are 2 wildcard spots to fill the 12 places if that is what theyre going for - apparently theres gonna be a twist but Ive chatted online to other UK fans of AI2 who also think the twist is a wildcard show to make top 12 since we didnt have a wilcard show the 1st series.

    so thats 12 weeks so far at the stage where AI2 only had 9 (am i right?)
    then there is 10 weeks of elimination shows until the final (which any half clever person would figure out means that it will be a top 12 - so they pretty much blew their twist by revealing the TV planout!)

    Im gonna keep on posting after every episode and say my own predictions and views etc.
    Heres a link anyway (for those who care)

    Eeeee I canna wait!!!

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    Ok I know hardly anyone cares,but anyway...

    On tonights show it was the London callbacks(Glendale equivalent)which revealed who were in the final 50!And it was great!Really good people who I liked got through,and those who are rubbish got put out!

    It was quite differnt from last year and AI2 this year,since in AI2 Glendale,there seemed to be about 4/5 days and about 4 elimination processes but in London there was only 2 elimination parts since it was only set over 2 days,since there were only 100 people called back.
    It seemed to be a bit backward from AI2s because 1st they had to sing a song of their choice on day 1 after saying why they should be pop idol and then there was a cut-down of numbers ,then on the 2nd day,they were put into groups of 3 to sing together - gotta say,that part seems to be a curse since everyone forgets lines,which is understandable since they do only get about 12hrs to learn them,but still there was a montage of all the forgotten parts put together just like on AI.
    Anyway,thats when the 2nd cut down was made,leaving the final 50!All my personal faves got through,however there are 2 people I am really unsure about.
    1 Is a guy who imitates Tom jONES!And argues with the judges and who annoyed his group mates by putting them off whilst singing,and beleive me he was way off tune,but simon said he made him laugh so he got through!!!!Same with another girl,called Rachel who has the best,funniest personality of all 4 Pop/American Idols Ive seen,but her voice isnt really up there with the rest,but because of her personality,she got through which is UNBELIEVABLE!

    But anyway,it revealed who would be on next weeks first group of ten(where 2 get through each week) and Im really disapointed since there are 7 people I really like in it and want all in the top 10/12(?),but its not that big a deal like when Kim Ruben and Clay were put together,but it is still strange to put a bunch of great people in when only 2 get through.(I sooo hope they do Wildcard this year which im sure they will do if they are gonna make it a top 12 to fill the other 2 places after the 5 weeks of 10.

    This is so bad that there are so many good people together,but at least it means there will be good people in the finals.But it could mean there are hardly any good people in another group,which IMO happened with AI2 when the week after group 2,group 3 wasnt that good at all.

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