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Thread: Pop Idol 2!!!

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    Ok this is a pretty pointless post but just saying that I want Craig and Andy to go through this week,although Im sure it will be Tina instead of Andy.But theres aquite a few good people this week like Katy and Becky so if either of them got through that would be fine.
    Here are some websites for anyone who is curious about the show.The 1st one is just a forum,which obviously useless to all of you,but it could give you some input into the show.
    The 2nd one is a great site which lets you download audio clips of them singing and videos of each episode.From week 1 I would reccomend downloading Chris,Michelle and Rebecca.From week 2 Brian,Kirsty (who got through - dont ask me why)Wesu,Susanne.
    From week 3 I reccomend Roxanne,Marc,Sam,Suzanne,Kiero n and Hayley.
    Week 4 (if anyone)- Kim and Leon maybe Becca - but DO NOT download Tarek if you still want your hearing!!!
    Please let me know what you think of these.



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    Thanks so much for these updates danny
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    well what a show!
    the 2 who got through were -Andy(yay!) and Marc (boo!).Marc was acused of sounding great but had no charisma and was boring,so he told a few jokes to prove them wrong.It mustve worked because he got through!
    And Andy,aww what a star.No one predicted he would get through,but he did it.Oh the Scottish boy Craig really blew it 2night,he was too cocky and chose bad song.He also argued with the judges,so he didnt even make the top 5!

    But The Wildcard twist was brill!It was so stupid the way the presenters revealed it,as if it was the biggest shock ever,when it had been all over the media for the last month or so!

    But how the judges chose the 8 was so weird!They were all decided and told live on the results show!
    All of the 40 rejects so far were in the audience of the theatre and each judge revealed 2 names of who was coming back.It was such a shame on the 32 who came all the way back for nothing,but the 8 Wildcards are -
    Rebecca Susanne(these are my 2 fave!)Kieron Sam Jodie and Jason.The other 2 were the 2 people who came in 3rd and 4th tonight - Danielle and Glenn.Everyone predicted that Glenn would go through along with Marc,but they all got it wrong it was Andy!Whay!
    So the top 10 are -
    Michelle, Chris, Kirsty, Brian, Roxanne, Marc1,Leon,Kim and now Andy and Marc2.
    I predict that the public will choose Sam and the judges will either choose Susanne or Kieron,but probably Susanne.
    However,if the producers want a whole equal boy/girl thing,(as done in PI1,AI1 and 2) then it will have to be 2 girls.(Hopefully Rebecca and Susanne)
    But since its the public in control,it will be Sam im sure (boo!)
    I dont like this weeks marc at all.Simon was right about him having no charisma!Boo!Should be 1st out of the 12!
    anyway,Ill keep posting.
    Rebecca and Susanne for the Wildcard!

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