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Thread: Pop Idol 2!!!

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    Thanks for the reports danny.

    I'm very interested to know how this season goes.
    Please keep us posted whenever you have time.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    This is a photo of the 1st group of 10.PIs website isnt as good as Ais since its really slow and has hardly any info on the contestants , but anyway

    I think that Michelle and Chris will get through,based on earlier auditions but I hope Jason and Rebecca get through,although there are others in this group who have done well in previous rounds (Tim, Eddie)
    Like I said before this is the group of unfairness since there are so many good people in it.

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    aww well I was right.Michelle and Chris are through to the top 10.Overall the show was pretty unimpressive.honestly.You could tell Simon was thinking how much better it was in US.

    Anyway,Michelle got most votes and Chris came in second.But Jason came in 3rd and there was only 1 %in it between him and chris.All week its been in the papers about who will get the 2nd spot after Michelle,and Chris got it in the end.Jason took it really bad,weve got the aftershow on digital tv where we see the results.Rebecca came in 4th which is good I suppose that my 2 faves didnt get through but got the 2 other spots.

    Next weeks ten looks like its got a lot of good people in it too.Ill write back in a min once Ive been on the site to see who exactly the next group are.

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    Oh My God!Ignore that last post about the next group being great too - theres no-one thats even half as good as Rebecca or Jason this week. That is so bad that last week there were about 5 people worthy of the top 10 and this week theres none.


    Well,Kelly really impressed Simon in her 1st audition,but Ive got a feeling she'll be dead nervous performing.Theres also Wesu,who has a really great voice but he is a bit too cocky,however he does sing better than anyone else in this group.
    I remember I liked Susannes 1st audition but then I didnt like her at all in London.Also there was a clip of Brian singing well,but he seems so boring personality.Kirsty I really liked because she was FIT,but her voice isnt as impressive as her looks and same with Jodie,shes dead nice looking,but her voice is quite weak IMO.
    So last week I was right based on previous auditions,before Id even seen them singing,so this week again,based on previous rounds,Ill say that Wesu and Kelly get through.

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    YES!Theres gonna be a Wildcard round to make a top 12!!!!
    So says the sun newspaper anyway -
    this is so exciting!

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    Ok I admit I was wrong - Wesu n Kelly werent half as good as theyve been in the past so they didnt get through.But the next 2 in the top 10 are Kirsty and Brian.That s Ok I spose

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    About last weeks group - I was totally wrong about it being a rubbish group.Simon himself said that it was the toughest group hed had to judge on out of all 4 series since there were about 5 people he could see doing well in the top 12,however it was Brian (who I dont really like - too boyband material)and Kirsty (shes OK I suppose,but her looks had a lot to do with her getting through IMO)

    The next group look quite good - theres 2 girls in it I really really liked from previous rounds - Suzanne n Roxanne.However Im pretty sure they wont get through because of these 2 boys who are certain to get through - Sam this annoying little twerp I cant stand but Simon likes him (?) and this boy called Kieran who has a really good voice but IMO his personality stinks - far too cocky.

    So I predict (again from earlier rounds)that Sam n Kieran will get through (boo) but I really want Suzanne and Roxanne to get through.


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    This is the only result Ive been really happy with!

    Roxanne and Marc are through to the top 10!!!!!
    Ive gotta be honest and say that Roxanne only got through because I voted for her so many times!But she was EXCELLENT!She sang Beautiful by Xtina and even Simon said she was sensational!!!
    Marc sang Easy and was a really great performer,but if Im being honest it was probably his tears that got him through.After he sang,everyone really complimented him and he was so happy that he started crying!Aww bless!

    Kieran and Sam never got through which Im really glad of albeit shocked.Sam sounded quite shaky whilst singing IMO and Kieran really couldve gotten through since he had great public support but he chose a really bad song for himself,which only landed him in 4th place with Sam 3rd.

    My other favourite Suzanne came in 5th,which is OK I suppose,since I only really cared about Roxanne.Simon seemed really impressed tonight which is a rareity.
    And know what I just realised - something a little bit fishy- each week its been a boy and a girl getting through,although I cant really be suspicious since after 3 weeks of AI2 it was the same deal.
    But also each week a Scottish person has gone through - Michelle,Kirsty and now Marc which is really really great!I know theres bound to be at least 1 more since either next week or the week after ,theres a boy called Craig,who Simon felt positive would be in the top 10,so Im pretty sure hell get through too.
    EEH Im so glad Roxanne is through since shes really got star quality and is a star!On her very 1st audition,she sang Hot Stuff and I knew right there she was special!And I tried to look out for her on the callbacks show where she sang Baby Love in her group (and at that point I knew she was ny fave)( which is also the same thing what happened with Kim C on AI2 - thats when I really liked her too)

    So anyway Ill write back once I know who the next group are and give my predictions.
    Oh and it is so obvious that there will be a Wildcard since its everywhere,however it hasnt been mentioned once on the show,so they must be trying to keep it quiet until the actual week(which is so pointless since everyone knows already)at this point Im pretty sure that the judges will bring back Jason and Rebecca from week 1,Susanne from week2 and from this week,Sam and Kieran and perhaps Suzanne and Hayley too,but theres still another 16 to be rejected before that anyway.
    oo cant wait!

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    well this weeks group seems to have the least amount of good people in it IMO.Theres only 1 person I like in it and thats Leon.Hes really good like a new Michael Jackson,so Im pretty sure he will get through.And then another person has to get through (sigh) Itll be Kim.
    Kim is the single mother of the final 50 and quite a large lady.her voice is OK I suppose but IMO its too cabaret.This might sound really bad but if we're going to have a large lady in the finals its gotta be Michelle from week1.Kim is nowhere as good, but because of this whole Keep The Bigger People In thing going on wil get her through I bet.But she doesnt really belong in the top 10 IMO.

    Based on her 1st audition I really hope Rebecca gets through with Leon,but I know it will be Kim unfortunately.

    Obviously this leaves the final group who I now know .Its got a few great people in it - Craig,Becky,Glen,Danielle,Tina ,Mark,Andy,Tamsin,Katy and elizabeth.From that group I predict(for 2 weesks time)that Craig and probably Tina will get through.This gets really on my nerves that there are not as good people in these groups as there has been in the weeks 2 and 3.
    So those are my predictions for the next 4 places - this week Leon and Kim,next week Tina and Craig.Then its the Wildcard!!!

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    OK this is for anyone who cares!LOL!
    Tonight Leon got through (yay!) and Kim ().
    The show tonight has got to be one of the worst group shows Ive seen in all 4 series.They werent bad performances, just not that special,you know?
    All the judges seemed so unimpressed and were actually quite annoyed!Anyway as I said before Kim has got a far too cabaret voice for my liking , and it still is IMO, however it is getting better, gotta say.She sang Son Of A Preacher Man and came in 2nd.Leon (my fave) sang Michael Jacksons You Are Not Alone.It was really great IMO (and was the only person out of all 10 to deserve to go through!)
    Rebecca (my other fave)came in 3rd,just missing out( that always seems to happen with me - my faves end up getting into the top 5 but not the top 2 eg, Rebecca,Jason,Wesu,Kelly,Suzan ne and now Rebecca)
    Anyway, next weeks group look quite promising (lets hope) with a few good people in it.Im not really sure since there are a few I dont recognise but that could be a really good thing -
    I mean Will Young didnt get any screen time until the actual top 50, where all the judges admitted they didnt remember him!
    Same with Kelly C I hear, that Simon didnt remember her until the top 30 (however to my understanding Randy and Paula spotted her earlier)
    and last year in AI,OK she didnt win, but she was certainly an almost-missed finalist - Trenyce wasnt remembered by Simon either and it was only Paula spotted earlier than them.
    So there - it could be a really good thing if they dont have much screen time!
    Also there probably wont be anyone from this group that will be called back - I can almost guarantee that!

    Anyhoo!Im gonna write back once Ive seen the rehearsal footage for the next group (its really great - Digital viewers get Pop Idol every day of the week with PI Extra which just shows all the rehearsals and reactions to the judges comments,along with interviews with contestants,friends,families and judges.Its a great way to get to see their personalities more aswell,since on the main show it isnt really enough time to show them all.
    So there we go - the top 12 consist of so far -
    Michelle,Chris,Kirsty,Brian,Ma rc,Roxanne,Leon and Kim.
    My favourite 2 are Roxanne and Leon(he has the greatest smile but in the photo of him on the site he looks miserable!)
    A few of the others have been in the headlines of newspapers for reasons that I will discuss once all 12 are through (hint:Marc could be the next Corey Clark in terms of breaking the law!)
    Anway, Bye for noo!

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