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Philadelphia native Kia Steave-Dickerson has had an interest in design since she was a child. Working alongside her father at the local community theater, Kia learned the ins and outs of set design and went on to study textiles at the Philadelphia College of Textiles. Building on her successes with fabrics and window treatments, Kia has built her own business, K.I.A. Enterprises, Inc. With a design style that is consistent and simplistic, yet bold and creative, Kia has worked on numerous sets as a set designer and prop master for movies such as Signs, The Sixth Sense, Beloved and Men In Black, commercials for Betty Crocker and Chrysler and stage musicals such as CATS and Grease. A self-described chatter box and drama queen, Kia's favorite part of transforming rooms on Trading Spaces is coming up with a theme and then accessorizing the rooms.