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Thread: Dance Fever

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    Dance Fever

    I did not see the new Dance Fever on the previous page. With all the reality shows already covered, I was wondering if any Mod or Writer will cover Dance Fever.

    It was on tonight on the ABC Family Channel for 1 1/2 hours. In my area they showed the first episode back to back. Although, the contestants were not all grade A, it was worth watching.

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    Dance Fever

    Hey everybody,

    I hope a lot of people watched Dance Fever tonight!!! Did ya'll like the clogging group All That? I bet you didn't think clogging was anything like that, huh?

    My roommate is Mark from the clogging group, All That!, and I can tell you that they have danced their butts off to do well on this show. And I think it would be great if the MOD would create a forum for Dance Fever... I think there are a lot of people who dance, who will be watching this show all summer.

    If you wanna know more about the clogging group All That!, check out this website: http://www.toetaps.com

    Thanks for viewing, and check out Dance Fever, Sundays at 7pm, on the ABC Family Channel.

    Michael Scrip

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    Hi! I watched it and was impressed by a few of the contestants. When they showed All That last in the first group, there was no doubt in my mind they were the winner. Percision could have also been their name. They were talented, sharp, manuvered around and inbetween each other, etc, etc, etc. Can you tell how much I admired and enjoyed their choreography and exicusion?

    The only time I ever saw clogging was from the wedding reception scene from Steel Magnolias and liked the energy from that. I'm not familiar with that style of dance, however during All That's performance, I was wondering if they were taking clogging to another level the way Michael Flatley did for Irish dancing.

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    ---this Was Moved To The Other Reality Shows-----

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    I can't see other dances beating those cloggers. They were awesome!!

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    disappointed in dance fever

    poor Tyce could have taken it all!! But, sorry to say he chose the wrong show.

    As for the other dance fever contestants, I had the cloggers picked. They were awesome. The ballroom dancers were great too. The others? Was that a joke? Were they put on there to give us a few laughs? Ya know, like when they show the auditon process before the contestants get chosen? These were the actual contestants? I can't believe out of all of the people who auditioned, this is all they could come up with!

    And the Judges were trying so nicely to be polite in telling them THEY HAVE NO TALENT! :mad: !

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    Quote Originally Posted by iluvnyrox
    poor Tyce could have taken it all!! But, sorry to say he chose the wrong show....
    Why can't he compete for Dance Fever? It's still a new show.

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    I watched dance fever as well! I was really looking forward to it,
    and although it wasn't bad, it was a bit of a letdown. My gosh,
    Tyce could freaking win the whole thing! You know what the problem
    is? Most of the Fame contestants---Allyson, Shannon, Tyce, Lauren,
    Gary and Brandon should be on Dance Fever! Now THAT would be
    entertainment! All That was awesome, and the ballroom dancers
    were amazing---they were SO creative with their choreography.
    Ok, I hadn't heard of Jamie King before, and I know Carmen Electra
    danced, but was she THAT great? And I'm not too sweet on MC
    Hammer---there could be better judges. I am interested in seeing
    the next show though---what will I watch after Fame?

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    Watched the show, LOVE the choice of judges! Jamie is incredible and Hammer is cool. Carmen, well, she's judging appearance, so that's okay for her.
    I thought the salsa dancers were incredible as well as the cloggers. I thought the Salsa dancers were going to take it because one of the guys on the end went the wrong way with his steps as the rest of the group.
    Great show, will watch tomorrow again!

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    I didn't like the way the judging was done after everyone was through. I would have been more interested if they were judged after each performance.

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