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Thread: Pros and Cons

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    Pros and Cons

    Anyone catch this show yet?? Caught it on TLC last night and I think it is strictly BBC for now. Perhaps since they are now bouncing it around American TV it will make a move here shortly.

    Anyhow, premise is, you have three people. One of them IS who they say they are, one needs to lie just a bit, and one has no experience whatsoever. They call them the good, bad and the ugly.

    Last night they had a show based on wedding planners. They had a couple that had to pick, based on interviews, someone to plan their wedding. They had some fellow who is a HUGE planner in England (did Posh Spice's wedding), some gal who had planned her own wedding (and it went miserably) and then one little guy who had never planned a wedding in his life. They chose the last one.

    Actually, I think George (the guy who had never planned a wedding) did a wonderful job but the highlight of the show was watching how much of a BITCH this bride was! OMG! She actually called George the night before the wedding and told him if he so much as showed his FACE at her wedding she would kill him. She was horrid.

    Anyhow, wedding went off without a hitch. Next week has something to do with high fashion.

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    There was a similar show...of course, I can't remember the name of it or the station...where a noname had to study a craft with some pros and was then told to decorate a room. A panel of somebodies had to guess which room he decorated out of four.
    I didn't care for the title they came up with. I suppose they were looking for an Americanish name?
    A better name could have been To Tell The Truth, just like that old game show and the beginning of Catch Me If You Can. Will the real Frank Abignale Jr. please stand up?
    I thought George did a fantastic job myself. Didn't he get the groom his dream car for the ride to the wedding? And the bitch bride her dang canapes?

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