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Thread: Anything For Love Casting Notice

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    Anything For Love Casting Notice

    I've been asked to post this for our members, so if anyone's interested, go for it (and let us know!)

    "Anything for Love" on Fox is now casting the following stories: Are you in love with your coworker or boss and are willing to quit your job in order to be with them? Are you ready to show up to your boyfriend/girlfriend's house and move your stuff in? Do you want to make a big time public apology for someone you did wrong and win them back? Are you ready to give your boyfriend/girlfriend an ultimatum? If so, call or email right now! Time is running out for you to get answers! (323) 785-2405 or loveonfox@hotmail.com
    Unmarried couples only! Must be 21-40 years old!

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    Because if your part of a married couple and you are moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend that would be another show!
    Just wanted to clear that up!

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    could be the new twist on Temptation Island this summer . . . surprise, these couples are married :
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