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Portland: Rosemont Avenue
We hit a sour note in this episode when a music teacher's piano gets left out of his newly-redecorated living room. See how Laurie Hickson-Smith convinces her team that the piano has to go in the kitchen! Meanwhile, Vern Yip and Ty Pennington stay busy framing out space for new French doors in a family room. See how our music teacher's reacts to a room without a piano!

San Clemente: Camino Mojado
Trading Spaces hits Southern California with plans to bring beach into a bedroom; and old Hollywood movies into a media room. Vern Yip uses upholstered panels and movie star imagery to turn a bland loft into an elegant home theater space. Up the street, Genevieve transforms a plain master bedroom into a resort hideaway, complete with a mosquito net canopy. Ty Pennington gets himself into hot water with Paige, as he adds too much time-consuming detail to Gen's storage unit project. Join us for this episode of fun in the sun.

Los Angeles: Seventh Street
We pulled in some youthful star power for this episode of Trading Spaces. The four young stars of 7th Heaven agreed to trade their set for ours, and offered up their homes for redecoration. Hildi Santo Tomas, Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel spent the weekend transforming the living room of brothers George and Geoff Stults. But we think they spent more time cleaning than anything else! Meanwhile, Edward Walker and the guys redesigned Beverley's game room/den. The hardest part for them was trying to hide Beverley's huge basketball shoot-out game. So Amy Wynn came to the rescue with a massive carpentry plan. Tune in for the final take!

Miramar: Avenue 164
Paint, Paint and More Paint make up the theme for this Florida episode of Trading Spaces. Doug Wilson's redoing a kitchen and needs to paint 40 cabinets three different colors. Across the street, Frank Bielec paints the walls of a huge master bedroom in several coats of fire-engine red. And, speaking of fire engines, Paige and Ty get a surprise visit when they accidentally trip the alarm! We've got all the bells and whistles on this episode don't miss it!

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