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Thread: Pole dancing, prancing, and breasts - Recap 1

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    firegirl, you made this show better than it was. ;-}
    My point exactly!

    Joseí follows the breasts into the elevator where the breasts stop the elevator to get his phone number and information.
    Ha! Ha!
    Gustav Holst was right!

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    How'd I end up in this forum? I'm ashamed to say. I was searching through Google for the name of the temptress in Anything For Love, which, I'm also ashamed to say, I was watching at home. I know, I know. This is called FANS of Reality of TV. So I landed here. Plop, right on top of that post by Firegirl, who lists herself as a writer.

    I'm NOT ashamed to say I not only read it, I saved it.

    I actually went through the trouble of registering just to tell you this: Girl, you need to be a syndicated writer in some newspaper. If you already are, I want to know where I can read more of the same.

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    Welcome, Riverboat! Firegirl is a writer for this site (we have many, who all do a great job with the various reality shows - you should check them out). I'm sure when this show's over, we'll coerce her into doing another one.

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    Thanks a bunch Riverboat, and unfortunately I had some pending (read real job) circumstances which kept me from re-capping this weeks show but some of our even more established and my mentor writers are helping me out this week.
    Like John said, look around and enjoy the site, we have such a great group and very talented buch of writers and I consider myself honored just to be a part of them. Also , the regular members are soooo much fun to post with, I am sure you will enjoy it!
    Thanks again for your kind words an I will be back next week for sure!

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