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Thread: Reggie Gaskins, Chaperone/Escalade Driver, "Star Dates"

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    Reggie Gaskins, Chaperone/Escalade Driver, "Star Dates"

    This season, we have a new Chaperone. Let's hope he can attend the entire commitment of this season...

    Reggie Gaskins:

    He's a theater-trained actor with impeccable credentials and an expert at driving a Cadillac Escalade loaded with cameras. The Philly native is a master in the art of love, your guide through the world of celebrity romance on Star Dates. Maybe you've seen him on Showtime or Friday After Next or even The Bernie Mac Show? Now you'll see him escorting celebs on E!'s Star Dates, offering much-needed advice and sanity. "I wanted to be the next Denzel," he tells E! Online, "but I ended up as the next Martin Lawrence." Except, as you'll see each week, Reggie Gaskins is not so much of a bad boy.

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    A master of the art of Love?

    That made me chuckle
    "That's Numberwang!"

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