Star Dates comes back for season 2 tonight. I believe Bill will resume his recapping of this show - he can correct me if I'm wrong.

For those of you unfamiliar with Star Dates, it takes a former TV star, and sends them on blind dates with 2 "regular" (read: aspiring actresses/actors) people.

This week: Fred Berry, aka Rerun

Do You Know What's Happening? I do! I'm no longer pop-dancin' for laughs as a '70s sidekick--I'm a minister with a red beret and a hey, hey, hey for the new lady in my life. You down?

You Haven't Seen This Rerun: Watch as Fred Berry Looks for a Happening Romance

In the '70s and '80s sitcoms What's Happening!! and What's Happening Now!, Fred Berry had no trouble keeping the ladies' attention. As the scene-stealing, beret-topped hanger-on Rerun, all he had to do was shake his ass, catch a little groove, and he had all the eyes in the room.

And now, as a Baptist minister and the first love-hungry celeb in a new season of Star Dates, it's even easier! Our chaperone Reggie tagged along with Rerun, er, Berry on two dates, and here's what he learned about the art of love.

Let Fred Be Fred: It's true in real life, and it's true on reality-based dating shows: There's no substitute for being yourself. "The thing that Fred Berry did right was he was himself," Reggie tells E! Online. "He didn't try to be anyone else. He was open, and he had fun."

Of course, by being too open, he almost blew it, piling on the loose-lipped sexual innuendos and turning off his first date. "It was round 12, and he was about to take a knockout," recounts Reggie. "Then round 13 came and he started listening! And she talked and talked and talked, and that's how he won her over."

Stick with the Classics: As Reggie got to know the real Fred, he figured out what made the guy tick, romantically at least: "He is an old-school playa!"

That's right, Berry bought his second date the traditional calling cards of an old-world suitor: roses and a big blue teddy bear. "You don't have to know the woman to know what a woman likes," says Reggie, who insists the gifts worked magic. "In the infamous words of Fred Berry, 'Pimpin' ain't easy.' "