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Thread: Why is the public so interested in reality TV?

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    Why is the public so interested in reality TV?

    Why the interest and/or obsession with reality TV? Is it voyerism, solidarity or alienation from the real world? (not the show). There are probably several reasons for the appeal and your reason(s) are:

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    For me, it's light-hearted escapism from the daily rigors of life. You don't have to feel too badly ripping on the contestants, because they chose to do it & knew exactly what they were taking on!

    It's fun to live vicariously through people getting to go on adventures in far-away places (ie: Survivor), in glamorous circumstances (ie: Bachelor/ette), etc.

    Also, you get to laugh at people for doing things that we ALL do (saying things they'll regret, falling down, throwing up (ie: Fear Factor)) regularly...but in a public forum! And on a much larger scale! :rolleyes:

    I'm a reality TV junkie...and I love it!
    I love: Survivor, Nashville Star, Fear Factor, The Bachelor/ette
    I dislike: Joe Millionaire, Dog Eat Dog, American Idol

    Reality TV is not all the same, and it's just like anything else, everyone has different tastes and preferences.

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    I just like that it's more unpredictable from scripted shows. You never know what people are going to do when you put them into a certain environment and it's fun to watch them react to each other - kind of like watching animals interact at the zoo. I think all the predictable sitcoms led to my addiction to reality television...

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    I like the competition.

    I like that it involves regular people.

    I like the unpredictible nature. Any of the Survivors, including Richard Hatch, would not have been guaranteed a win on any of the other Survivor installments.

    I like how 'fresh' the shows always are.

    Unlike something like Friends, it changes from season to season. There are no recycled jokes, no played out storylines and no stars threatening to quit.... except Simon.
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    I like the fact that you don't always know that the "problem" will be resolved in a half hour or an hour time frame. I think that has become a problem with regular sitcoms.
    I also think it's funny to watch people make fools of themselves to get money or fame. As in Fear Factor- those people will do anything- eat anything (no thanks) to get $10,000. That's chump change compared to the millions they're giving out on other shows.
    I think one of the better (more amusing) things I've seen is the difference between the bachelors that went for Trista and the bachelorettes that went for the 3 A's (Alex, Aaron, Andrew). The guys were so laid back and actually became friends- the women were... (hiss hiss cat fight). But guys are no angels as I saw on the 10 minutes (total) I watched of that Monica Lewinsky thing with the masks. I forget the name of that. Ok- I've said my piece. I think they're amusing (only in America can there be a show called Married By America in which no one gets married).

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    I am addicted to reality shows as my name implies. I find it hilarious that women can immediately "fall in love" to men that they don't know at all. Is it money? is it love? I also enjoy watching people prostitute themselves and show their ignorance on public TV. I can't get enough. I think however, that reality TV should be called "GLAM TV" . Where is the reality of gorgeous people, 21 -28 yrs. old that can't seem to find love in real life. Reality, to me is 40 something and instead of 6 pack abs, 12 pack guts. Let's see some "reality" TV where people have lived a little more than a 21 yr. old that has nothing better to talk about than his tatoos and future plans of more tatoos.

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