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Thread: Southern Charm New Orleans

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    Re: Southern Charm New Orleans

    Reagan was being harsh. Plus she got paint onto his jacket.
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    Re: Southern Charm New Orleans

    I guess I don’t mind it. But I cannot tolerate the swingin’ bachelor who’s always running around without a shirt. He needs to have a bit more respect for women, especially for the married women in that group.

    I don’t blame Tomica for getting mad at him inviting hundred single women on the prowl for that guy party. It’s not so much is the trust in the men, is the lack of trust for the single ladies in that party. Some singles have no respect for the fact that someone is married. They’re just proceed on and try to hook up. Marriage vows are just words and a wedding ring is just another piece of jewelry to some.

    Shirtless should’ve backed up off of her.
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    Re: Southern Charm New Orleans

    I agree Tomica should be mad.

    I have only watched this one show; but it looks like Jeff needs to get rid of torturer Reagan. She kept telling him to shut up. She told him not to get paint on his jacket. Then she pushes the painting into his nice jacket while insulting him. Very aggravating

    There is a high level of disrespect in the words shut up. Nobody needs to be disrespected by a person who is suppose to have your back. What other goodie does she have i store for him. Endless I am sure. He only puts up with her because his mother let him down. So he is picking someone else to stay in the let down loop.
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    Re: Southern Charm New Orleans

    I like this one.
    I love New Orleans so seeing it and a lot of places I know really makes it fun for me.
    I also love that it is a diverse group of people unlike some of the other Bravo shows.
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