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Thread: Unexpected —- TLC. sunday.

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    Unexpected —- TLC. sunday.

    Is anyone else watching this train wreck?

    I lose it when children are subjected to neglect or abuse.
    The teen parents just don’t have the maturity to meet the demands of an infant.

    TLC's new series, Unexpected, takes a raw look at three teenage pregnancies and the effects it has on their families as everyone prepares for the arrival of the babies.
    In each story, our pregnant couple is entirely unprepared to have a child. Now, it’s the parents of the teens who must help them through all of the tribulations that come along with this life change. Debates get heated over where the teens and their baby will live, whether the teens will stay in school, and whether or not they should get married.
    As new grandparents step in to help, roles get blurred and tensions mount between the teens’ families; everyone has conflicting ideas for what is best for the young parents and their child.
    Unexpected is a journey of love and concern, fear and hope. We’ll see all the ups and downs. From proms to baby showers, sweet 16s to graduations, every step of the way will continue to define each family’s evolution.
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    Re: Unexpected —- TLC. sunday.

    For me, it was telling that almost every one of these young teenage girls has a mother who also was pregnant in her teens, such as the new grandmother who is only 31. One would think the teen daughters would have some insight into how difficult it is to be a mother at a young age based on what their own mother went through and be especially cautious in getting pregnant. I guess, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. There's only one young man in this series (name eludes me) who shows signs of "being there" for his girlfriend and baby. The others are just male teenagers caught up in something they're years away from in maturity. I feel sorry for the babies, mothers and grandmothers in this situation. It's a life changing no-win situation all around.
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    Re: Unexpected —- TLC. sunday.

    I just can't watch this. I hated "Teen Mom" and this looks too much like it. Accidents happen but I don't care for the glorification of it. I know they want to show how tough things are, but these kids are getting paid to air it all out there. Its like "get pregnant and make some money!" No thanks.
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    Re: Unexpected —- TLC. sunday.

    I've been watching this trainwreck. The mom who abandoned her kids, only to contact them when they were in their teens while they lived with their grandparents is really a piece of work. And of course she's pregnant too (along with her teen daughter) and had the nerve to want a joint baby shower with her! Such nerve! If I was the daughter, I would have politely asked for the grandparents to be in the delivery room with me instead of the mother. Everything is all about her, not her daughter, so I assume she would be upset. Oh well. I hope the bb is okay.

    I can't stand the blond father. He thinks he knows everything about parenting, when in fact he knows nothing. The other dad to be is clueless too, but at least he knows he doesn't know everything, so there's some hope there.
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