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Thread: Zumbo's Just Desserts on Netflix

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    Zumbo's Just Desserts on Netflix

    I am loving this show! Think of it as a little bit of Sweet Genius with Ron Ben Israel mixed in with British Baking Show. It's playful and fun. The dessert creations are amazing. The hosts are charming and everyone is really nice to each other. No fake drama created for tv. In the first start of the program, bakers are given a challenge then judged for their creations. The two lowest have to go into a Zumbo challenge. He presents one of his creations and the two bakers have to create it as best as they can. I've seen more talent on this show than any others, I think. I don't know how they do it. Here's a little about it.

    I'm halfway through season 1 and don't want it to end. I haven't checked but I think season 2 is also available. This show is so much fun and we can truly see the talent of the contestants. Why can't American shows be more like this?

    I have completely forgotten how to change wording in link so everything won't show. Sorry.
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    Re: Zumbo's Just Desserts on Netflix

    My teenage son and I LOVED this show and can't wait for another season. We were in awe of the talent of the contestants.
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    Re: Zumbo's Just Desserts on Netflix

    I think I've watched three episodes so far. It is so wonderfully quirky and some of the desserts I've never heard of before.
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