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Thread: Relative Success with Tabatha Coffey (Bravo)

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    Relative Success with Tabatha Coffey (Bravo)

    A new Tabatha show premieres Sunday Jan. 17, 2018.

    Relative Success with Tabatha | Bravo TV Official Site

    Tabatha knows from her own personal experience that when you have to work with relatives, ALL business is personal. In each episode, as Tabatha rolls up her sleeves to save a business, she inevitably finds herself navigating the deep rooted personal issues that ultimately corrode a family business. Tabatha will make these families face their buried resentments and timeworn grudges so they can hopefully move past their destructive differences and begin working toward a common goal. However, each family is only given three intense weeks to settle their disputes and get their business (and their family) back on track. How will they deal with Tabatha’s signature unapologetic nature, straight talk and bold advice?
    Relative Success with Tabatha: Your First Look at Season 1 | Bravo
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    Re: Relative Success with Tabatha Coffey (Bravo)

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Re: Relative Success with Tabatha Coffey (Bravo)

    Oh awesome!!!

    I have always liked Tabatha!!!

    Great news!!!
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    Re: Relative Success with Tabatha Coffey (Bravo)

    I like Tabatha, but am wondering whether a hair stylist is qualified to be a family counselor. I may check it out . . . but I already have reservations.
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    Re: Relative Success with Tabatha Coffey (Bravo)

    I look forward to Tabatha coming back! I like her. She's done all she can to save 'hair-bending' businesses and that was getting old, so I'm happy to see her branch out. Marcus Melonis (The Profit, CNBC) has shown that a savvy businessperson can come into any sort of failing business and turn it around with fresh eyes and new processes. Many of his turn-arounds also need family counselling. Those families that mend succeed, those that don't mend fail.
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