Has anyone seen this? I was looking for something fashiony on TV and decided to check out Netflix. I surfed into Mexico Diseņa. I'm on the second episode and hoping it would get a little better. I thought it would be like Project Runway but, obviously, in Spanish (with subtitles). I guess it didn't want to follow in those footsteps. It wants to set itself apart from PR:

1) No mentor to check on their work.
They only take a picture of what they designed halfway through the creation. The three judges email the tips to the designers. I NEED a face to face mentor!

2) No runway! The models hop on a small platform to show off the outfits.

3) Because this is a Latino show i was expecting a certain degree of flair, brilliant uses of color, high gloss style. All I'm seeing drabness. Something of like if Brandon Kee of PR went all black and dark gray ALL THE TIME!

But I must admit that the host has a certain Enrique Inglesias yumminess about him!