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Thread: Darkness

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    If you haven't already wasted an hour of your life watching this show, DON'T.

    Basic premise: 3 guys are put into a network of caves from different entrances. They are supposed to find each other AND an exit in no more than 6 days.
    • There is NO light. All filming is done via infra-red cameras; we can see them, but they can't see anything. Apparently the cameramen are really quiet, and are not allowed to warn the participants about upcoming things like snakes and drop-offs.
    • They have no food or water. (Note: There's very little water and not much to eat in a cave, other than worms and snakes.)
    • They can't move faster than a crawl, so there's not much action.
    • It's hard to watch people with sensory deprivation deteriorate to seeing hallucinations.
    It was awful.
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    Re: Darkness

    I saw the ad for that one...it looked creepy. I like survival shows, but this seems a bit much. Thanks for the warning!
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