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Thread: Florida :Night Owl Lane - Hilde's room

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    I was pleasantly surprised at how toned-down the room was. Glad that she left the silk flowers at home.
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    -- Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

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    I think the plaster technique she used on the walls was quite nice.
    I'm not sure what she used as I didn't see the whole show, probably just drywall compound.
    That makes for a rough plaster look.
    You can do a number of compound applications, finishing by burnishing the walls with the flat of a flexible spreading tool after painting to get a really professional plaster finish.
    She would have been pushed for time doing that though.
    A deeper colour on the walls would have made the plaster effect more noticeable, but the contestants can do that for the cost of a tin of paint.

    The main thing with a Hilde room is that she doesn't do anything completely heinous, if you can escape without her doing something that causes you to spend more of your own money fixing it then she spent creating it then that's a pretty good result.
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