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Thread: Those were the days - OSBOURNES

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    Those were the days - OSBOURNES

    I just saw the new promo for their show.
    It was a take off on Archie and Edith singing Those Were the Days
    Really funny and I loved that fact that Ozzy looked like he was enjoying it so much.

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    I hope Season 3 is as good as Season 1, and we can all forget Season 2 ever existed. Somehow, I have my doubts, though.

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    Yeah John, I have my doubts too since it's really the second half of season 2.

    But I will ride this out till the bitter end.

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    What were they thinking giving Ozzy drugs at the dentist??
    He should be donating rather than recieving.
    I used to like watching the spoiled brats cope with life but it's getting rather old.
    What's the real world opinion on ; "The enemy of my friend is my enemy too."? I hope Kelly's thoughts aren't help by many.

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    Season 1 was great- i didn't even know they had a season 2- oh yes i did, i just didn't make it past the second episode...
    i dont like how they take the opportunity thet have with the show to trash other celebs- granted i dont like CA (other then eye candy)- but trashing her on a show is a bit low...

    Classic Ozzy in the dentist chair! "more nitrous... but you're already at Ozzy level... but i can still feel things..." what the hell was he doing with that cup- trying to rinse thru his ear?? almost seems too good to not be staged!

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    I enjoy the show while i can.

    The family must be sick of cameras in their house by now , and sooner or later there will be a last episode...
    From that point of view it becomes much more entertaining , trust me.

    The only show i didn`t care for in the second season was one that was like all about dog poo , and the dogs sh----ng all over the house.

    About the spoiled brats; i wish i would be 16 and living the high life in LA.
    I don`t see anything wrong with it.

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